Metal Fight Customizations

Metal Fight Customizations - Forum Rules
  • Need help building a combo? Use this thread. Do not make a new thread asking for help with building a combo.
  • Ensure the combination or part being you’re testing does not already have a thread. Try using Search to make sure there isn't already one! If there is one, post your test results or opinion there.
  • Please be specific. Use the full proper name of the combination (eg. MF Pegasis 100F). Nicknames are not permitted.
  • Explain the concept. A Beyblade that is strong against one type of Beyblade in one type of Bey Stadium will work entirely differently in a different situation. Please tell us how your Beyblade is supposed to work.
  • Be open minded. Don't get upset if we tell you your combo is bad. Remember, we're here to help.
  • Back up your combo with valid test results. All new threads need to be opened with results that respect these standards.
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