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Country: Registration Date: Jul. 02, 2012 Birthday: Sep. 03, 1999 (24 years old)

Hello guys I am bj3rdd, I am a blader, a youtuber, a collecter, an artist and so much more. I live in New Jersey, and I always go to tournaments in New York. I have reached so many of my goals such and some not... 1. Get a partnership with YouTube (Complete) 2. Win at a tournament (Complete) 3. Complete the Zero G Collection (Almost) 4. Complete the 4D Collection (Almost) 5. Get the DJ Face (Not Yet) 6. Win a WBO giveaway (Complete) 7. Host my own tournament (Almost) 8. Get first, second or third at a tournament (Complete) 9. Get 10 faces (Almost) 10. Complete all my goals (Almost) I wanna' fight Blitz with my MSF-H Killerken Dragooon BD145RDF against his MSF-H Dragooon Dragooon BD145RDF.

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