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1. Treat other members well.
Don’t harass or be rude to other members. In general, try to be nice to them and make their lives better. This site exists solely as a fun place for Beyblade fans online — don’t make it un-fun.

2. Stay away from sensitive topics.
Discussions about sensitive topics like politics or religion, or topics that wouldn’t be appropriate for all-ages are forbidden. It can be difficult to tell when boundaries are being crossed, so just don’t approach them.

3. Make posts people want to read! is a place for discussions about Beyblade, and is only as fun as you make it. Put thought into your posts and contribute to the conversation, and only create new topics if existing topics don’t exist.

Members that break these rules could have their accounts suspended or banned permanently.

For more information on specifically what kinds of actions can lead to suspensions or bans, please see our moderation and banning guidelines below. These are the same guidelines we follow internally for applying rules.

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