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Connecting Beyblade fans worldwide since 2008.

World Beyblade Organization by Fighting Spirits Inc. is the largest online community for bladers and Beyblade fans, and we are the only organization that promotes and facilitates the organization of worldwide Beyblade tournaments.

Established 2008
tournaments hosted worldwide
1.6 million
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All-ages Beyblade tournaments. All around the world.

Through a network of international volunteers, we promote and facilitate the organization of both unranked and competitively-ranked Beyblade tournaments across every major continent.

Bladers can compete in Beyblade tournaments in their local communities, climb the worldwide leaderboards, and win awards and Beyblade gear.

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The #1 community for Beyblade fans online.

We are proudly the most active, longest-running Beyblade community online, and the home of breaking Beyblade news from Japan and worldwide.

Exchange customization tips and strategies with bladers from around the world and chat about the Beyblade anime and manga with other fans.

And no matter what’s coming up in the world of Beyblade, you’ll hear about it on the WBO first.

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Win awesome prizes and rewards!

Collect Bits for your profile when you win contests, achieve milestones, play in WBO Beyblade tournaments and contribute to the community.

Win Beyblade gear! Many WBO Beyblade tournaments have prizes of their own. Win even more just by participating in contests and giveaways online!

Run by fans, for fans.

The World Beyblade Organization by Fighting Spirits Inc. is a volunteer not-for-profit organization run by Beyblade fans. All revenue collected through sponsorships, merchandise, and fundraisers goes right back into the organization, so we can keep our website online, develop new features, and purchase prizes and supplies.