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Country: Registration Date: Apr. 02, 2011

I'm a proud member of Team Final Hope, with Hell Kid, ThePokeBlader, Blazing Dragon and Enzoxs, named after the ex-counter to all stamina types. I am an active member on the WBO, feel free to contact me for help. I go to a lot of tourneys in London, i know how to judge, and have judged in the past, you know who to call if you need a judge in London. ;P Placed at the following Tournaments: BeyFest III - 6th Place Autumn Battle Bash - 4th Place Easter Eggcellence - 2nd Place Bey-Ginning of May - 4th Place Beydays Super Smash! - 1st Place June Joust! - 2nd Place UK Beydays Brawl! - 4th Place

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