Forum Announcement: Posting Test Results Formatting Rules

This is the format all test results should use when being posted:

Quote:Valkyrie Wing Accel vs. Kerbeus Central Defense
Standard Procedure
Valkyrie Wing Accel: 10 wins (5 KO, 5 BF)
Kerbeus Central Defense: 10 win (10 OS)
1 draw
VWA win percentage: 50%

Testing should involve at least 20 rounds (10 rounds is acceptable if the result is one-sided), and any draws must be recorded and redone.

What Standard Procedure means:
  • WBO Organized Play Legal Stadiums (For Metal Fight Formats use the MFB Attack Stadium, for Burst use the BeyStadium Standard Type). View our Rules & Resources to learn more.
  • Alternating launches for Stamina
  • Attack customisation launched second
  • Parts swapping after 10 rounds for specific part comparisons
  • Not required, but providing benchmark results for similar match-ups for the sake of comparison is beneficial

If any other conditions are used, you must state them.

Anything outside of these standardised conditions (part wear, launch techniques) should be mentioned.