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Country: Registration Date: Apr. 09, 2012 Birthday: Mar. 21, 1998 (25 years old)

Im 16 now been on the WBO for about 2 amazing years!, baseball, soccer, boxing, anime Super Smash Bros. and beyblade are my favorite things in the world. These are my favorite beys (not necessarily in this order) Girago Dragooon F230 GCF Girago Dragooon BD145 GF/RDF MF-L Duo Saggatario SA165 WD/BWD Wyvang Girago GB145RF Begrigados Begriados CH120 R2F Goals on WBO Beat Kei Beat Jesse Obre (Achieved) Beat Dark_Mousy (Achieved) Beat Tri Beat Thunder Dome Beat LMAO (Achieved) Become 1 blader in USA Get more known on WBO Defeat ShinobuXD with an attack type Battle with Meow! (Official or Not) Battle with Ingult (Official or Not) Convince Coach to come back to the WBO (Achieved) A little bit more about me, these are my tournament records 2nd at Da WRETCHED Beyblade Tournament! 4th at BeyDays 2 Detroit Bey City 3rd at Grand BeyDay, Battle of the Millenium 3rd at AJ's Sendoff: a Legend is Never Forgotten 1st at Wyatt's B-Day Bash, GO DRANZER! 1st at The Wintery SnowBey Fight 1st at Yuko and the Wolf's Legends Tournament 2nd at BEYBLADE REVOLUTION: Michigan Qualifier 4th at BEYBLADE REVOLUTION: The Insurgents 3rd at BEYBLADE REVOLUTION: The North American Championships 1st at Summer Survival! 4th at LakeSide BeyBattles! 1st at BooBlade Blast! Even More YAY!!!! I want to be a Pro Super Smash Bros. player, and i want to be a Video Game designer Yes, I am black Real name is Jonas Harrison My Grandfather is my hero, he was the first African American Male in Detroit authorized to sell used cars (legally) I play Super Smash Bros. Project M and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U competitively

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