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Hey it Demon here, Workin' my way to the top, Listening to metal hit eachother, sitting in the hot sun... Sounds like a typical tournament to me. Demon here, Im not very involved in the community here, but that all changes now. The massive collection i have is taking over, so if someone has a 6 story mansion they can lend me to put my stuff in, let me know :D Zero-G is a little bit of a tricky concept to wrap my head around. I get my basics, my combos, and im set until Primal has something to say about Zero-G, then its all a blank mind to me. I am a brony, im proud of it, and im good with it! Brony - Any Male over the age of 13 who watches My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. If your behind your monitor laughing, i dont care. I have 100,000+ bronies that totally rock. My friends accept it, so why dont you (direct quote from ingulit) "take that stick out of your bum" and just treat it as if it doesnt matter to you, since it truly doesnt. If you are a brony, congratulations, you are now a true man, i can refer you to some awesome brony minecraft servers, FanFic stories, or just about anything else you might want. Im a friendly guy, I never go out of my way to offend people, if I say something you find offensive, PM me and ill either explain why I dont care, or why I understand what you are saying. So im a pretty gentle person, unless i feel the need to yell at someone :D So thats about all i got to say today, Im a brony, Im a gentle person, and I like beyblade again, that sums it up for you. PM me for some awesome combos, some good Ebay sellers, and for just about anything. Demon

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