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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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A Burning Kerberous would be a much better buy than a Wolborg or even a Dragoon V2 since it both the base and the SG have zombie use and the spin gear is better than Wolborg's. If you did that then you'd need to get a Left spin neo casings(the left spin gears from Dragoon V and V2)
If you want a base that has more grip, you might want to try fantom out.
Th!nk Wrote:No, really, Dragoon V2's base is a billion times better than fantom grip, and sg metal flat 2 is waaaay better.
You think, personally I think it getsoff balance easily. And he doesn't have V2 yet.

No, really, Dragoon V2's base is a billion times better than fantom grip, and sg metal flat 2 is waaaay better.

: the neo left casings are why I said dragoon v2 Wink But yes, BK>Wolborg

(Feb. 25, 2012  5:11 PM)CRUelty Wrote: [ -> ]I've been trying to get Dragoon V2. I found someone who could sell it for the price I could afford it at (albeit, no stickers, but who cares. Dragoon V2! XD) but the problem is that I don't have any money :c

As of right now, I put my other MG Core on my compact. I assume this should do until I scrape together enough money for a Metal Driger?

Also, if I get Wolborg 4, should I still get another Draciel for the extra set of metal balls since you said in terms of defense, Wolborg 4's base > SG Metal Ball?

As for the Zombie, that's what I've been using for when I want to use Zombies Tongue_out

So, with all that being answered, I assume my wishlist should be:

-Dragoon V2
-Wolborg 4
-Metal Driger
-Maybe a TAKARA Wolborg (something I would personally like)

Anything else I should buy?
Now I kinda regret buying a Screw Capricorne for 11 bucks instead of Wolborg 4 for 12.30, haha.
And thanks for the combos and such!

It will do but get metal driger asap. Just aint the same.
Eh, Draciel is nice for gatyakki stuff/midair KO's, but yeah, if you're on a budget, just get the Borg!

On neccessity, just get:
Wolborg 4
Metal Driger
Burning Kerberous
Dragoon V2 (need neo left casings for BK).

Galzzly (it's cheap though so you may as well pick one up)
Wolborg 2 (gives you a defense option)
Driger F
Dranzer S (Those two give you another attack option when you have wolborg 2, though it can be done with wolborg 2)
Takara Wolborg, if you insist but it's overrated as anything.
I just kinda want Wolborg since my current one is breaking... like stress marks and what-not. And Wolborgs are cool XD

As for the Burning Kerberous, how much do they run for? Mint, since I do not usually buy NIB unless it's a great deal Tongue_out

Thanks for all the info Joyful_2

If only I had the money to buy the Howling Spirit that was on eBay months ago... I wont it for 15 bucks! But I had to let it go un-paid since I bought something expecting to lose the auction Unhappy
Get wolborg 4 or two, they're the good ones. Wolborg 1 is so outclassed, though I gues shte takara tip has real nice pure survival, in battle it will lose to BK due to its lack of stability, even in the only double bearing setup the wolborg shaft can be used in (it's a good setup though), which is MDBS's Bearing Base.

BK aint super cheap (main villain + v2 + amazing base and a decent AR too), I'll let someone else answer your question though cos I'm not good with prices.
Has anyone tried my Defensive Zombie Combo that was
Upper Dragoon/Wide Defense/Neo Left DBC/Wolborg 2 shaft/Defense Ring/SG wait what is Dragoon V2s BB called again.

Also if you work at launching a bit you can KO some weaker opponents.

Also th!nk I will try and find a way to impress you with Wolborg maybe.
Haven't had time yet, will try it in a minute but can't do much, parents are on their way to bed.
Okay, tried it.

I'm afraid that it seems to give a lip for Triple Tiger to get under and send you out of the stadium, which Hasbro Twin horn/War Lion SAR doesn't (at least not as badly). Probably is better against smash, but against something with upper at the right height it creates problems, and to be honest, I don't have much trouble against pure smash with grip defense anyway, that's what it's really good against anyway.

Just off a few rounds, so I could be wrong, but I prefer my usual setup.

Oh, the attacker was

AR: Triple Tiger
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Right SG (Bearing Ver. 2)
SG Tip: SG Grip Change Base Tip (Ariel 2)
SP: Survivor Ring
BB: Customize Bearing Base

The defender was exactly as described by you.

I don't mind being proven wrong about parts, that's what learning is for, but at the moment, wolborg is overrated as heck from everything I've ever seen.

EDIT: Tried my normal attacker against it (same as above but left spin, dragon breaker+war bear and Cross Survivor, yes my "normal" attacker is crazy and yes it uses Ariel 2's tip, deal w/ it), only had one go as I had to be real quick, but it got KO'd straight away and yeah I think those gaps and heads provide too much purchase, more than Wide Defense. That said, a single round is nothing to go by ahaha, could still be way stronger but I'mma stick with hasbro twin horn+war lion, as I know it's really reliable against pure smash.
idk I just like Upper Dragoon better and I mean neither combo is super prepped to handle mad attack.
Actually, Grip Defense should be able to handle smash attack, in Tornado Attack anyway.

If it couldn't, my usual attacker would be instant-win given a good launch, haha. Not that it's instant-lose against grip defense, but that's the one thing I'm not comfortable facing with it.

Grip defense's big weakness is upper, because that completely negates its defense. Wolborg 4 defense/endurance protects against upper and weaker/lower smash, meaning it's hard to find an attacker that can counter them both, as if you're low enough to hurt Grip, you're too low to hurt Wolborg 4, or whatever.
I used to like Upper Dragoon/Wide Defense on Wolborg 4 BB
My Wolborg 4 BB kinda sucks though.
Buy a new one, they're like $12 or something on ebay with shipping.

I use tiger defenser, but yeah, I can see Upper Dragoon working nicely there.
I like the 3/3 thing going on.
I thought you might, haha. I still prefer ye olde tiger defenser though Tongue_out
but then the BB is bigger around then the AR and that's just whack :<
That's the whole point though. You don't wanna be hit on the AR, that's bad fer ye. The BB is a big shock-absorber, so using an AR that sits even with it invites all sorts of problems.
Yeah but it's so unethical
Since when did the Blitzkrieg Boys care about ethics? Serious
What would be the best stadium for plastics?
Blizard bowl FTW!! (Lol, not sure, but its the only plastic stadium i have...)
All Hasbro stadiums are always the worst stadiums possible, so that was obviously a wrong answer ...
oh, ok oops...
(Feb. 27, 2012  8:33 PM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]All Hasbro stadiums are always the worst stadiums possible, so that was obviously a wrong answer ...

I'd rather play in Thunder Rumbler than that really tiny one TT made at the beginning of the plastic generation though.
Surely, by the time the "Thunder Rumbler" was released, Takara had already made much better stadiums anyway.
Jeez guys.

Tornado Attack, K-LESH. A more finely balanced stadium you will never see.
Next I'd say Attack Stadium
TB is just sorta flat and rare as crud and not legal for MFB and TBTS sucks for plastics. tooo small