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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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If I can, maybe, would it be worth it to get this:
Not really, the sonokong gold beyblades aren't fully compatible with regular ones sadly (all their parts are slightly smaller so certain parts can/can't be interchanged with regular ones).
(May. 02, 2012  8:38 PM)Cygnus Wrote: [ -> ]If I can, maybe, would it be worth it to get this:

If you are looking for a Driger S, then go to Recent Beyblade Purchases. I think that Ultra bought a Limited Edition Clear Version of Driger S for an extremely cheap price. Smile
That should be at least compatible with other parts, sooo its worth! Joyful_3

So, try asking him for the seller.
i think..the link he gave was only for reference for people who doesnt know which version is it..
when i opened was out of the first time i opened it..haha
i dont think there is any other place to get cheap clear Driger S unless its in a lot..i think..??
the cheapest one you could get most probably gold sonokong version..but yeah..if you were to customize need to buy the other gold series too..

Edit: No corrected mine more in the "build combo" thread..hahah..
Whoops! I missed that! XD
When I opened the link, I read 9.95 GBP SALE!
The "SALE!" made me think that its available. Tongue_out

Thanks for correcting me Ben-Ben!
OK, I'm a little worried about this:
^The price is really good, but 1. It's too good... 2. I don't know the company. I don't want to buy it if it isn't a real beyblade, and when I asked the seller about the brand he didn't respond. Anyone know what it is and if it's trustworthy?
It's an authentic sonokong one. SOK is sonokong's old logo and as you can see it has the silver sticker thing that I forget the name of. It's mentioned on the auction page, too Smile
(May. 04, 2012  2:40 AM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]It's an authentic sonokong one. SOK is sonokong's old logo and as you can see it has the silver sticker thing that I forget the name of. It's mentioned on the auction page, too Smile

...Derp moment.
I see it now. Great price...think I'm gonna buy it. Thanks, Th!nk.
Can someone identify if that's a fake? This is actually the first time i've encountered this. It does not print TAKARA or HASBRO onto it. But, if it was fake, wouldn't it print like TT-HONGLI on it?
Fakes often don't carry a print. The lack of the branding on the underside, and those holes which mine doesn't have seems rather suspicious. Can you take a picture of the top side? The detailing might be a giveaway.
I have a few TT-Hongli Fakes. It has it on the bit chip, and the print of it.. i think, i'll go check.
Molding is passable, from what I can tell. There are other fake brands, too (though it may all be one factory).

Do the stickers have a layer of clear plastic over the top? That's generally an easy way to tell.
Nope, the stickers look completely legit. The text on it looks normal.
It's definitely odd, but other than missing the name underneath the AR I can't see any sign of it being fake. Does the bitchip have the Japanese writing underneath the bitbeast picture (if not, it's hasbro, if yes, it's takara, sonokong print either in english or korean, so that should be noticeable (Korean characters are more complicated)). If it's not in japanese then I guess maybe one of the other brands didn't mark it or whatever, but yeah.
That looks quite similiar to my hasbro draciel v2, except for the holes on the bottom of the AR, lack of stamping and stickers for the eyes. Th!ink, is yours Takara made?
Yerp, mine's takara. And it looks the same but for lack of stamping.

Cannon, what about under where the SG is, my base has an 'A' in one of the four "compartments" the SG covers.
It has the Japanese Writing.
And no, it doesn't have the A. But it does have an A inside the AR..
Mine has an A on the AR too.

I'm stumped. If it's a fake, it's a very, very good one (much better than the TT hongli flash leopard 2 I had as a kid).
So, if I entered in a tournament, what would supposedly happen ...?
The only part of Draciel V2 that would be worth using in a tournament is the SP. If they're fake, they will almost certainly break after a couple of matches, because real ones are extremely breakage prone anyway. Honestly, Fin Tectors are pretty lame, they really just add a load of recoil.
And if you're looking at using the AR, don't sell that darned griffolyon man, it was one of the best beys in that lot!
If you're looking at using the base, you'll lose every single match anyway so it's no big deal being DQ'd.

I doubt you could be disqualified for it because it's impossible to determine that it is fake. Morally, I wouldn't use it if I wasn't sure that it was real, but honestly, I just wouldn't use it because it's parts aren't useful.
Draciel V2 is one of my favourite beys. I've used it a lot! And it hasn't broken.

"Reals are breakage prone anyway"

... My Cyber Dragoon's AR BROKE after a few battles with Griffolyon!
It might be TT Hong Li..they dont print anything on their mold..i have quite common situation..just that...i knew it is from TT Hong Li for sure..
i have a very original look Flash Leopard 1 from TT Hong Li..with good plastic texture..just like Takara one..haha
: thanks to shoddy internet I didn't get to reply to that in the thread, but Cross Griffin is probably the most brutal ar in plastics, and cybernetic dragon isn't that resilient, so I'm not too surprised.

: Hmm, I wonder about TT hongli's quality variations, I guess they came from different factories...
Are 10-Balance's or any other of the Balance WD's the best or one of the best in any combos at all?
No, not really IIRC.
Balance WDs are "in between" Wide and Heavy series WDs.
Therefore, they are the jack of all trades but master of none. Therefore, they aren't the "best".
But yes, they find decent (not best) use in certain combos. Smile