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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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Really? I've never had that happen to me ever and i've been beyblading for like 3 years.
I dunno.... Maybe I just launch too hard.... My dranzer s launcher broke in like a week, same wth dragoon and dranzers ar just came with a broken part.... Fail.... Should I get dranzer g?
If you want but there are much better beyblades out there.
I need something for a good price, what about rock bison?
It's not that good...I'm no expert but I think Driger g or wolborg 4 would be decent, cheap purchases.
Yes I know but without a launcher how am I supposed to launch them?
Buy one from someone here... It won't be expensive.
How many painting kits of plastic beys have invented?
Three common ones which were Galeon, Galman and Galzzly. There was a forth one which is a clear version of the galeon one too. All the common one are listed on the product list.
What good combos can I get from draciel s driger s dranzer s and dragoon s?( I am getting the top set deluxe gold!!!!)

Wait, would it be a good idea to get the top set deluxe gold? Here's the link for it:
No don't get it. They aren't compatible with normal beys generally. If you have to buy a set get one with the green stadium.
Ok thanx, I was really wondering cause it sounded like a good deal.....

Ohmagosh I found a good price for a dragoon g!!!
I two questions: is it legal to put the Metal Balls of Draciel MBD's Base into Draciel S's Base, and vice versa? My second question- is it legal to use different metal balls, such as BB Gun bullets, in Draciel Bases, as long as the don't weigh more than the original weight?
yes it is legal.
I´m new in here and im portuguese.
so don´t blame my english please.

hey Wbo members!
i want some plastic beyblades but i dont trust paypal anymore.
do someone have driguer G dranzer GT or zeus that wanna sale?
You can get Driger G easily on ebay but I've got one if you live in the UK and want one from there. This seller has both of the other two:


You can switch balls between draciels but I doubt you can use others so I wouldn't try it.
Edit: misread the question.
generation look in the selling and trading sub forum here.
This may not be the best place to put it so tell me if it isn't and I will move it. Does anybody know what a good price for a NIP black trygator is? In comparison to a Hasbro beyblade is this any good? Also is this compatible with my other Hasbro beyblades? I dont have any experience outside of the Origional Hasbro Beyblades
Because its sonokong, it won't fit well on other parts.
Yeah, Sonokong plastics are smaller up until G-Rev, so I would avoid them. Th!nk has said that you can force some stuff on IIRC, but I still try to avoid Sonokong's plastics, even if I have to pay the same price for a used TT one.
So sonokong is a no-no?
Yes avoid them unless G Rev cause those are generally all right.
Hello Wbo friends! i wanna dranzer gt and zeus from mail...
If you mean paying for them via mail that's very unlikely to happen. If you're in the UK I may be able to help you but I don't own them.