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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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(Apr. 20, 2012  9:21 AM)Cannon Wrote: [ -> ]
(Apr. 19, 2012  11:40 PM)Hazel Wrote: [ -> ]My Torch Pegasus has this BB:


Now, as I understood it, there was some neat trick gimmick thing you're supposed to be able to do with this BB involving the gyro. How doing?????????/ ??/ ? ?

What th!nk said.

A tip: Don't use it the way where you are supposed to use the ripcord/launcher.
Mine is unbalanced when doing so, and so should yours.. Either that or mine is a defect.

Pretty fun gimmick with the bit chips. Wink
my older one seems unbalanced like yours..but my MINT version seem to be very balance...
and it is very balance when inverted..haha..
however..the other gimmick..where it allows Flame Pegasus to spin inverted seems would really scrathed the AR and the stickers..hahah
Yeah, mine seems to be a bit wobbly, too, but then again it's been used a lot, evidently. Still, it's a neat gimmick - I really wish Plastics had done more fun gimmicky bases, since it is the only meta where they probably could've worked(and if you stretch a bit, the Wolborg 4 BB could be considered a gimmick - and a monstrously successful one).
Aha, I've grown attached to Wolborg 4. Wink

Was the gimmick of Wolborg IV- Spin Steal? or..
When it's wound, an impact will make the base start spinning, as far as I understand it.

All I know is I absolutely love the thing.
Doesn anyone know the name of the parts for Bakutenryu Zeo Dragon?

AR: ??
WD: 10-wide
BB: ??

I need official names please. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
No one's gonna know that.
th!nk and Dan should know it...each of them own each..
Um yeah they do but they can't read Japanese...
Um, if someone can read Japanese, and make out what is written on this box, then this ebay seller has quite nice pics of NIB Zio...
So if anyone can help Uwik through this, then yeah!
Yo, Negative Nancy: they could either convert it themselves, or scan/photograph the packaging, and then someone who can read it could do so for them.
I own one nib as well, and I can read basic Japanese. The thing is it doesn't come with a regular instruction sheet. It comes with an assembly sheet on 1 side that has no names of parts. (I read it character per character), and on the other side just has this pamphlet of the manga guy. Box just shows pictures of the dragon modes, it doesn't have the usual diagram.
In that case, who knows if TT never gave its parts any official names? If they would have, then they certainly should have listed them either on the box or on the instruction manual...
Even th!nk's review about Bakutenryuu Zeo speaks of it having no part names-

And Hazel got the job done!
Are there not names here?

I'm not really capable of reading it, but I figured I'd take a shot.
That site just says 'Bakutenryuu' JIO (Zeo)
That just says "Bakuten Ryuu Zeo", and I do not think the base is there.

Searching for this has made me see that plamoya is using a picture that is not theirs at all, and they even put their shop name on it as if it was copyrighted by them ... How really wrong.
Ah, I was concerned of as much. Oh well, it was worth a try...
After having done a mostly exhaustive research, I think that if the names are not written anywhere with the actual Beyblade, then it has none.
That's a huge bummer haha.. Thanks for the effort guys.
Hey guys, I have a wolborg 4 with a launcher that came with it, so it's a pretty simple one..Beyblade is old like 5-6 years and now I can't rip it normally anymore, it just falls out after a little pull. Can i fix it somehow or ? I hope I explained it right. Smile
It sounds like the launcher is busted due to either the prongs or the gears inside being broken.

You'll need a new launcher. It is a common wear problem.
Oh man, missed that, I could have sorted it out very quickly:
As I said in my review, the parts of Bakutenryuu Zio/Avairon do not have names, same goes for the parts of Bakutenryuu Hayate, Raiden, Zinrai etc etc etc, as far as I know. It's very clear in the instructions and all the stuff that comes with them that there is no name included for them, I looked really, really hard for it as I really wanted to find out what they were called, but there really isn't anything.
As such, the only real way to name them is just "Bakutenryuu Zio/Avairon AR/Base" or whatever. I discussed some ideas on it in my review, anyway:

: Dude, lighten up please. If you're going to reply so negatively without actually elaborating why no one would know, just don't reply at all.

: It's very hard to explain the gimmick, but it has a largely free spinning tip that absorbs almost all contact with the bey, as well as being round, and it has different effects depending on the spin direction of the opponent. Writing about it for my blog at the moment, haha.

, try unscrewing the launcher prongs, putting them in hot water for a little and then pinching them together a bit more, holding them there while they cool. It's more likely the nubs that hold the beyblade on have worn off than anything, so you'll probably need to get a new launcher, but it might help.
(Apr. 21, 2012  1:43 AM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ], try unscrewing the launcher prongs, putting them in hot water for a little and then pinching them together a bit more, holding them there while they cool. It's more likely the nubs that hold the beyblade on have worn off than anything, so you'll probably need to get a new launcher, but it might help.

Alright, thanks guys.
OK- so my Driger G and Dragoon G, when I wind up my Engine Gear; and then rip it, is its EG supposed to activate immediately? I've had mine for about 5 years now. :\
Once you launch it, yeah. Not before though, if so the clutch of the base or eg is probably messed up.
i have some uncertainty here.. XD
recently..i'm trying to come up with a Dranzer ACB draft...
there is one thing i know..the first generation customization is quite different from all..haha is the question..

as for WD Attack Customization, any AR that is smaller in radius then Wide Defence can be used is it?
is Wide Survivor usable for WD Attack Customization as well?