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I'm not 100% sure but the most balanced stadium ever really is the Tornado Attack stadium so they probably used that for plastics. None of the other stadiums from plastics series are notable enough to be known about.
@th!nk- Well, the height is 'normal' in accordance to Dranzer V standards, but it is an overall tall BB, I guess.
Aaand, I suppose Zombies usually have short or mid-height bases. So all I meant there, was it was actually too tall to be called an orthodox Zombie bey... Smile
Also, I got the SG with the MG core, so the tip does go slightly inwards. But still, my point was what I mentioned above. Smile
As for the WD, thanks! Wide Survivor and Defense do seem to be all over BeyWiki in Zombie customs, but even I was just curious to know whether there were other WDs which are usable...

As for Sonic Tiger, it was (and is) probably the best Stamina-suited AR I owned (OK, I have Twin Horn too; but I need a good enough SAR to utilize it well) and that is just why I used it.
It is otherwise a not-so-good AR according to WBO standards of course, but I like it a bit... Smile
If you had it, then you probably wouldn't even consider using it over a Tiger Defenser or something. But well, as this is all I had, and is also one of my favorite ARs, I used it here.
It actually would have had a small amount of Upper Attack, if those slopes weren't so shallow, and if the contact point extended into a continuous slope(making the AR a two-sided one); instead of those gaps you see in between.
But still, I am quite curious to know about Sonic Tiger, especially because its not everyday that you read a discussion related to it somewhere around the Forum, or see it on the BeyWiki. Smile
(Apr. 09, 2012  11:49 PM)jadejupiter18 Wrote: [ -> ]IMO Voltaic Ape would be better for Zombie and Defense Customization, but for a zombie killer Dranzer S would be better. Voltaic Ape would be better overall.

Dranzer S's base is the best Zombie base out there, even without bearings. However, it is laughably easy to KO.
That said, DragoonManiac, it really depends on how much money you are going to devote to plastics in the future. Small - Dranzer S, More - Voltaic Ape

(Apr. 10, 2012  12:04 AM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: [ -> ]How was magnacore used in official tourneys back in the day? (legal parts or no?) And do we know what stadiums Takara allowed for their tourneys (not the WBO)?

th!nk, you may have once mentioned that custom parts were once allowed early at plastics tourneys? Could you elaborate on this?

They used Magnestadiums for tournaments and play in communities at the time. Stadium rules were much looser, for example the final battle won in that HMS tourney won by the wobbler was done in a "tower stadium", one with two layers, ramps, and all that cool stuff.

The stadium rules were like, non-existent, basically. But, you'd be better off asking soemone who was actually around then than me, if you can find a way to get in touch with them...

Apparently they allowed pretty much any spinning top for use VERY early on. People just used round tops so yeah, they killed that off pretty quick. They did allow many more modification at least early on, I really need to get around to scanning that book already... I wish things like that were legal though... Tip swapping and so on.... Eeeeeee Eee

: I'll reply to that as soon as I have time to do so well enough.
When I think of illegal modifications, I think of a metal version of Bump King's AR, haha. Most kids I know would have probobly done something like that, myself included. Round is boring, but it is definatly a good idea. If I remember correctly, a minor episodic character in tne Bakuten Shoot anime used something with a huge, bladed, weight disk or something. (He appeared like 2x)

Thanks th!nk for all the info. Looking foward to those scans

Did we ever discover why only Cyber Dragoon was ever released? Cyber Dranzer, Draciel and Driger were a large part of V-Force's plot line...Did Hasbro even release Cyber Dragoon? I do not ever rememeber seeing it. I may have asked that last bot elsewhere, but I would like to know for certain

Was the Dragoon series the only series to ever include left SGs? And was Dragoon Grip Attacker left spin, or was Dragoon S the 1st left spin bey?
It's clear if you look at pics on the internet. The other cyber beys would break in like 2 battles. They only released Cyber Dragoon cause it was a lot less brakeable than the others and more powerful. Yes hasbro did release cyber dragoon since I bought one when it came out. Dragoon's are the only series to use left spin gears although I know that both the Hasbro Trygle 2 and Venusian G both had left spin gears for some reason. Grip Attacker is right spin and yes Dragoon S was the first left spin bey.
Most people used round stuff, as I said. Round tops are always very powerful, it's much easier to win passively (i.e. staying in the ring and OSing) than it is aggressively (KO). This was also a long time before the anime. The reason for the bladed thing in the anime was just communicating the thing to kids, as most people, until they look at the facts more closely, would think some silly over-aggressive design is a better idea than a completely round, heavy design...

Cyber Dranzer, Driger, and Draciel were only minor plot points, only appearing in about 1 episodes worth of footage, and furthermore, all of their designs present severe breakage issues. Cyber Dragoon was by far the strongest and the main villain of that arc. Hasbro released it during V-Force, Snowball had one on ebay recently.

In terms of what was released by takara, Dragoons were the only left spin beys other than the beys that could spin both directions (Bearing Gyros and the Gyro EG of Flame Pegasus). Hasbro released a few EG beys with left Engine Gears.

As for Dragoon Grip Attacker, BeyWiki should answer that for you.

: Don't forget White Gabriel G Tongue_out
I rememeber from the VFORCE GC game, which I still have not found, Cyber Dragoon and Gaia Dragoon had right SG's, so they are exceptions to the rule as well

Thanks for the great info, th!nk and Ultra. You guys rock as always

Anyone know why Gaia Dragoon was also known as Strata Dragoon? If that is more of an anime related question, I will gladely remove this part of my comment and move my question elsewhere
The reason why was never revealed. Just one of those wierd hasbro things I guess.
Hasbro's products all used the name, "Gaia", but "Strata" was used frequently in all other froms of media. I forget if the Vforce game used one over the other. Come to think of it, it may have used both, depending on if you were looking at the gallery, parts shop or the dialouge (Daichi's VA was different in that game...)
Cyber Dragoon and Gaia Dragoon aren't main-line dragoons. Gaia Dragoon is a separate line, and Cyber Dragoon is a Cyber bey. Just like MDBS was right spin.

Probably because most kids first reaction to "Gaia" is "that sounds like a certain three letter word that shares the first two letters". That was my guess, anyway.
I'm sure that the beys were released by hasbro as Strata Dragoon V and G. Just wish I had pics of a hasbro box to prove it.
Oh, it's common knowledge that they were released as that, no need to prove it, haha. You can just google the name, it's why there are so many videos that call them strata dragoon, and instruction sheets labelled as such.
I could have sworn that I saw Gaia Dragoon in stores alot...I wonder if there was a consistancy issue?

@th!nk: That doesnt sound like the reason. Alot of words begin with "Ga-" and Gaia is prounced nothing like that word. Hasbro released "Cetus" which sounds like "Fetus" so I dont think this applies to this situation
I really doubt it. Also Strata sounds cooler than Gaia Dragoon.
Remember, I was at the age of sniggering about that kinda thing when I first heard the word Gaia Wink

And no, hasbro never released any of them under the name Gaia Dragoon. Human memory is highly fallible.
I could have sworn that I saw Gaia Dragoon in stores alot...I wonder if there was a name consistancy issue? Or maybe I just have a memory consistancy issue...

@th!nk: That doesnt really sound like the reason. Alot of words begin with "Ga-" and Gaia is prounced nothing like that word. Hasbro released "Cetus" which sounds like "Fetus" so I dont think this applies to this situation, haha

And honestly, kids calling Gaia Dragoon that name have no impact on Hasbro. That is just a result of immaturity, and I dont think it would effect a parent's decision to buy the toy, and I myself never made fun of Gaia Dragoon's name

I do remember calling Strata Dragoon, "Gaia Dragoon" on numerous occasions back in the day as a kid. I am 100% hasbro called it Gaia Dragoon

I never liked Gaia Dragoon for the sole reason that a second Dragoon just existed somehow. Its induction into the plot was so poorly constructed
Hasbro always called it "Strata". It was part of the general complain the Off the Chain members did by calling Hasbro repeatedly.
: The first part of your post is a repeat of your last post here.
The bulk of Gaia Dragoon's introduction/history was in the movie (Beyblade: The Movie: Fierce Battle), not in the anime itself. IDK if you've watched that, but yeah.

As for why you called it Gaia Dragoon, it was also fairly well known as by the time it was released, the internet was commonplace and there were a lot of fansites.

Not sure but it may have also been on the stickers of Strata Dragoon V, trying to find some pictures.

To recap, the anime CGI renders of "Strata Dragoon" had labels calling it Gaia Dragoon. Presumably, we think the Hasbro products of Strata Dragoon also have Gaia Dragoon stickers, but we are unsure
The beyblade movie was released in english actually but I think it was only the US that got it.
Oh, yeah, sorry, a few posts were deleted and I forgot to edit the one useful thing in them into my last post afterwards.
Correct. I used to have the movie on DVR about a year ago, but I do not know what channel aired it, if it was shown dubbed in the US only, or if it was a reairing of the dubbed movie or it was dubbed years after Beyblade was canceled. My recording accidnetaly got deleted so I cant answer those questions

Considering that was more about the anime just now lets get back on topic
Please let the moderators moderate the threads. Also, it just comes off wrong when someone participating in an "off topic" side discussion elects to ask everyone else to get back "on topic".
I should have said that I got us off on this tanget, and it would be best to not continue it. I would never try to undermine a mod's job. I simply felt responsible, and I did not want to cause any more trouble for my oversights, as I did before

A while ago I asked about AR sliding issues. Would it be possible (while illegal) to apply nail polish to the bottom of the AR to prevent this sliding and increase friction? Obviously it is illegal, but I know some recreational MFB players do this with bad CH120s and I would like to know if the same logic would apply for this as well. Thanks in advance for you help
Well, just because of the fact that it might count as an illegal modification, it wouldn't be of any use, you know. Smile
To actually increase friction up there, I believe that a thick coat of nail polish would be required; which is certainly illegal. So yeah!

@th!nk- OK, reply whenever you have time. Smile