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, no you are not an idiot...
Well Dranzer V is great.. It is one of the beys with perfect parts(except for the neo sg casings which are black but should have been blue.) so yeah i'll be selling that to you JSB.
I'll check if the toothpaste/brasso idea works for WDs...
As for the clips.. The problem is that the clips for Uriel are stuck and dont move at all. Uriel being rare, I am afraid to use force as it may break. My fingers are aching after trying to remove the clips.
Well I did not experiment or spin most of them today because I have an exam tomorrow but yes most WDs were tarnished so I didnt quite feel like spinning them without cleaning the parts. I'll take pictures tomorrow to make sure all are legit(because i've never seen or played with so many till now) and also i'll be trying out the various launchers i got.
(Mar. 20, 2012  6:28 PM)Funny Bunny Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, narrowing time, is there a specific "tip" as such that can be taken off??

The base itself provides the tip in most cases, though sometimes it is part of the SG (or sometimes considered part, if easily removable). It's uhh, complicated, haha. I'm working on a clearer, more specific plastic rule document (on my own initiative, it is not endorsed by the WBO, hahah), but it is no simple task :3
Thanks for all the effort, I'm sure itll be great! So in most cases the bb comes with a tip, but what determines when the engine gear sets off?? Also, does the spin gear only determine which way the bey spins?? Sorry, for taking up ur time, I'm just curious!
The spin gear is basically the heart of the beyblade, pretty much every other part is attached to it somehow. But yes, the main "function" that matters when playing is that it decides whether the bey can be spun by right or left spin launchers.

For engine gear beyblades, the base is the main factor. There are three or four types: No Clutch, from Wolborg 4 and Rock Bison, which has no inbuilt clutch and pushes the "on switch" of the EG in as soon as the EG is put into the base. That can be awkward to launch if you use them with EG's/EG Tips that aren't their own (their large tips slow the release), but yeah, often it's better to not wind an engine gear anyway (they have a habit of flying out of the stadium or breaking any flower pattern when it goes off).

Then there's First Clutch, which activates when the bey is launched, well, when it reaches a certain RPM, the internals push the "on switch" of the EG.

The other is Final Clutch, the clutch is released when the RPM is low enough. Technically, the clutch is activated on launch, but it only sets the EG off when the RPM is low enough for the springs in the base to overcome the force from rotation. Kinda hard to explain but basically it activates when the RPM is low enough.

There's also Dranzer GT's Final Clutch base which is supposed to activate a bit faster than the other final clutch bases, earning it the fan nickname "middle clutch".
Can someone tell me how to use this
[Image: DSC02650.jpg]
You put a ripcord in it and pull, unless you mean the game function. In the little game, you stick a bit chip under the dragon head(which folds open), and the bit chip should be one with little circular slots in the bottom of it - place it with those down. Turn it on with the middle button, it'll scan it, and then you just play the game by pulling the ripcord and pressing buttons...
Oh.. Thats how.. Thanks... I wanted to know about the game function BTW.
And, whats with the strange sound and rotation thing inside it after I pull the ripcord?
That's the motor in it working I think. It's one of the reasons most didn't like using them.
Oh.. Okay. BTW how rare/useful is it? And what would be its cost if I am to sell it?
Um well the hasbro ones are a lot easier to find than the takara ones. It probably won't be worth much unless there's someone who really wants one since they don't have any real uses and other thing(even just a normal launcher and ripcord) are better for launching. Personally i'd never buy it. The only reason i've ever owned one is because it came in beyblade lots i've bought.
N0body , here the manuel

(driger is same as dranzer)
(Mar. 21, 2012  6:43 PM)N0body Wrote: [ -> ]Oh.. Okay. BTW how rare/useful is it? And what would be its cost if I am to sell it?

It's a really strong launcher when it's new, but the gear breaks down pretty quick, and once it does, it cannot be swapped with other gears, as it is completely unique to that model.
I got mine with a lot so I dont know if it is old or not. And it does not have the batteries(So far I was wondering why it does not work... Tongue_out) so I'll see how the game is once I get the batteries.
The game really is not anything interesting... I remember getting bored with it within minutes even having bought it the week it came out.
What would be the cost of a mint Dranzer V?
Look at the cost of the NIB Sonokong ones on ebay and go from that.
(Mar. 23, 2012  6:36 AM)N0body Wrote: [ -> ]
Pics of Dranzer V.. I dont know if I should call this Mint or Used.. (Click to View)
I wonder if I can use them for beywiki Wink

OK, in N0body's previous post here, he was probably asking for the cost of this one. Smile
Except for the stickers, everything else looks perfect to me (the spin gear color doesn't matter), and probably MINT(?)
So what would be the price of this Dranzer V? I ask because I am the buyer. Eee
Also, the stickers may be renewed easily, because they are available in the Sticker Sheets thread.
So considering that the stickers are as good as new, how much would that cost?
Call it near mint/provide photos.

I'll leave price recommendations to Ultra or someone else, though, that's not my area.
Like I told Nobody look on ebay since they have NIB ones there and then adjust for condition.
(Mar. 23, 2012  5:39 PM)Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]Like I told Nobody look on ebay since they have NIB ones there and then adjust for condition.

Figuring out how much to adjust for condition is the hard part.

NIB on ebay is US$15.90 + $5.00 shipping, so what would you adjust it to?
Hehe.. He will get it for the initial price then.. He fixed it at rs.800(around$16).. And I'm going to give him a wing attacker as well with it for free(I had promised it to him if certain conditions out of reach of both of us were fulfilled...) so I think its a good deal for both of us..
How much is a mint purple saizo (secret) from RB8 worth?
(Mar. 20, 2012  6:22 PM)virusedition Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 19, 2012  11:16 PM)Gamecreator916 Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 19, 2012  6:32 PM)virusedition Wrote: [ -> ]Oh i see...
EDIT : I got a beyblade but i don't know the real name(Look like master dranzer/draciel):
Can some one can tell me the name ?

it's metal draciel

Yea its a metal draciel but , witch recolor ?
from what i can see in the photo you provided, it isn't a recolor, if the WD is a different color, it must've been swapped with a different blade
I have a question: What does the original Gaia Dragoon's G Flat do?
It's not G Flat. It's called G Special Base.

It has 4 pockets that contain small metal balls and a flat tip. It has quite a nice movement pattern, very controllable, but the ball-pockets scrape on the ground so it's not really ideal. It has a metal ball in the SG too, which can't fit in other bases, and it's own SG has to be used in it to prevent the balls flying out.

Before tornado ridges and generally better releases, it was a very popular base for attack players in Japan and other Takara countries.