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Yo guys...
i have some misunderstanding regarding Auto Change Base of Dranzer Auto Change Balancer..
doe the BB suppose to change automatically from a mode to another mode when hit?
because mine did not..hahah...the SG part seem to be too hard to be change due to a hit..
Edit:Nevermind..figured it out..hahah
(Apr. 03, 2012  1:46 PM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]Ah sweet, great resource. Good work.

Yeah, I'd been dying for it myself. Took a big collective effort from everyone here, it was nice to see everyone chipping in to help, haha.
D u guys know how much a Mirage Goddess AR weighs?

The weights of all takara plastics parts are on there. Not sure about the Hasbro version but I don't think it would be too far off from the Takara version.
Ok thanks Ultra
That said, those weights to 1g aren't really that accurate. With those you can get almost a gram's difference between two parts giving the same reading, and for plastic parts, which are so light, that is a monumental difference.

Slowly getting around to reweighing all my parts.
i hear engine gears were bad is this true and if it is how so?
:The engine gear were terrible because of many reason like they were too tall and there were no useful parts for the engine gear that the V and V2 series of beys didn't outclass. Also I think the EG system was not a very smart system because it is just a gimmick.
Hey, I got a new question: Can you tell me anything about the A-7 Spin Gear Magical? I'm curious to know that if it is part of a side-series or not.
I asume you mean A-7 Bearing Gyros Magical Balancer. It is part of the bearing gyros series that had three releases that were

A-6 Bearing Gyros Magical Stander
A-7 Bearing Gyros Magical Balancer
A-8 Bearing Gyros Magical Layer

And I believe they are not part of a side series and if you want to know about the parts, Bearing Gyros attck ring is suppose to be one of the best for zombie customs, but i don't like it as much as tiger defenser or Twin Horn+ Galeon sub ring. It has too big of a gap between the 4 wings.
@ jj18: THanks, man! Smile
Why are Gyro WDs banned but not wide survivor or defense.
Gyro WDs are very different from normal weight disks while Wide survivor and defence are proper normal weight disks.
: furthermore, the power boost was useless because it was totally uncontrollable. A lot of self ko's resulted.

That said, Wolborg 4's eg was really good, we've discussed that in a few places. Need to write an article about it but with the stagnation of the beywiki forum I'm less than enthused.

: wide survivor/defense aren't gamebreaking. Gyro wd is not only the heaviest WD, it's also perfectly round.

Also, the reason gyro WD is banned is to mirror takara's rules. The only part of the gyro series they allowed in their competitions was the AR. But yeah, it's obvious why it was banned if you see one.
Oh guess I was wrong then. Can you take a pic since i'm not too sure what it looks like? The Gyro beys parts have never really been properly taken pictures of so it would be nice to have.
I only have a fake gyro WD (used to be fairly common with certain brands of fake beys). It's very wide, the rim, however, is really thick, and yeah, perfectly round. But it's still a weight disk.

But yeah, unlike Wide Survivor/Defense, a distinctly average combo can become basically unbeatable with gyro WD.
were bit beasts based on anything specific or were there random ideas? because i think i see a patern but i dunno
Eh, I don't think I get your question really well, but they are supposed to be random ideas. They were based on simply any random creature(which could be anything; ranging from an animal to a mythological figure), unlike MFBs, which are usually based on constellations and mythological figures. Smile

I had a question- Does Driger V's base qualify as a short BB or not?
I compared mine to the pic posted by Neko Fury, and seems like mine is indeed Semi-Flat and not Sharp(as I assumed it was). So well...

The reason as to why I ask this question is because-
In a few practice battles, I noticed that it loses balance if it is hit from above.
So, should it be short, then I may lose most of my battles. :\
Considering these battles were against Dragoon F and Master Dranzer; the only other two beys with which I can actually play; things seem a bit dim. Speechless
Driger V managed an overall 60% win rate against Dragoon F, while a 70% win rate against Master Dranzer.
But well, it still does seem to lose when 'thumped' from above.

Considering that I might face a lot of EG beys, which are certainly taller than Driger V, what are your views?
My Master Dranzer's base is extremely worn, while the AR seems to be on the verge of breaking. Dragoon F seems to be pretty much OK too.
Driger V is all I have, and I plan to use it uncustomized...
Sooo, how would it fair against normal EG beys(non-Wolborg 4 EG beys)? This is probably the most important thing I want to know. Confused
can someone help me build me a plastic combo from these?? ->
driger G , dranzer G, draciel G , dragoon G, rapid eagle G,
: Most bit sticker bitbeasts were based on drigers, dragoons, draciels and dranzers. There are a bunch of lines, the original ones, spark, cyber, knight, master, kid, rock, metal, death, dark, amongst others. Often certain beasts within a theme are rarer than others in the same theme, as far as I can tell, for example, spark dranzer (which looks a fair bit like Zapdos) isn't particularly common, I've never seen any rock bitbeast other than Rock Draciel but apparently more exist, and death dranzer/dragoon I've also not come accross.
Most of the rest of them were based on anime bits, and in a few cases bitbeasts appearing in game. Of course, in the 4-layer system there were a whole range of bitbeasts.

As for ones in the anime, there were themes or "elements" to the main four bitbeasts (and most bitbeasts did have an element), and they were usually based on animals or mythology.

: It's not a short base. Mid height. It's generally too tall for its own good.

Pinto: No good combos there sorry, you have no decent bases/sg's. Probably Driger G with 10 wide or uncustomized dragoon g but they're all terrible.
Oh, good to know that it is a mid-height base.... Smile
Wait, so its height actually hinders its performance?! May you please tell me why is it so?
I thought it was otherwise. But well...
Also, the most important thing I wanted to know was, would it be able to stand against EG beys?
It certainly is knocked off balance too easily, especially when struck from above. That is why I thought that it would be better if it was relatively high. And considering that EG beys can very well strike Driger from above, its going to be dangerous, no?
It seems like from the pictures that I have found on eBay that the gold SK Draciel S has a Wide Survivor/Defense can someone please tell me what the weight disc is.
(Apr. 06, 2012  6:26 PM)Dingodigo Wrote: [ -> ]It seems like from the pictures that I have found on eBay that the gold SK Draciel S has a Wide Survivor/Defense can someone please tell me what the weight disc is.

The WD it's pictured with is a green plated Wide Defense, however, I'm sad to say it comes with a metallic green painted 8 balance that is slightly smaller than a normal one.

Believe me, it was pretty disappointing to find that out only when mine arrived.

: it's too weak to upper attack/lower attackers due to the height, so yeah, it'd be better lower. I don't have one myself so I don't know about being hit from above but that's more of an AR issue than a base one, generally.
Well, unto now I speculated that the ease with which it was thrown off balance was because mine was the sharp BB. But after comparing it to Neko's pics, that theory was wronged...
But well, I am seriously worried as to how it will work tomorrow. :\

Still, I certainly expect this semi-aggressive base to do 'something good'.

(Apr. 06, 2012  4:13 PM)ashton pinto Wrote: [ -> ]can someone help me build me a plastic combo from these?? ->
driger G , dranzer G, draciel G , dragoon G, rapid eagle G,

Man, I heard you got second. With a combo I've used and found way too easy to beat!

Blader Spirit: More powerful than combos?!

: From what I heard of the tournament you probably needed a better AR.