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(May. 05, 2012  2:21 PM)Blank Ji Hyo ♥ Wrote: [ -> ]It might be TT Hong Li..they dont print anything on their mold..i have quite common situation..just that...i knew it is from TT Hong Li for sure..
i have a very original look Flash Leopard 1 from TT Hong Li..with good plastic texture..just like Takara one..haha

I have a fake Gigars and Gaia Dragoon G.

The quality it disgusting. They are so shiny, and the stickers are just horrendous. They print TT-HONGLI under the bit chip.
(May. 05, 2012  4:36 PM)Janstarblast Wrote: [ -> ]No, not really IIRC.
Balance WDs are "in between" Wide and Heavy series WDs.
Therefore, they are the jack of all trades but master of none. Therefore, they aren't the "best".
But yes, they find decent (not best) use in certain combos. Smile

Ok, cool thanks.

So like Dranzer F's AR because that is the jack of all trades too?

Also, what combos are they decent in?
Yeah, balance are always outclassed by either 10 heavy or wide defense. Still, an economical choice for Wolborg 4 combos, adding more stamina to compacts, and 10b Bistool (on the off chance your metagame is devoid of zombies or attack, haha).

Weight Disks and AR's aren't really comparable, to be honest, they serve extremely different functions. Honestly the main fault of Dranzer F's AR is its ridiculous fragility.

To be honest, the wide series aren't really good for anything with Wide Defense and Survivor Around. Wide Defense is the best for almost everything, other than Wide Survivor for pure stamina, and 10 heavy for compacts.
Has anyone noticed driger V2 with its SP in left has force smash slopes. I tested it against

AR: Twin Horn

WD: Wide Survivor

SG: Neo left double bearing core

BB: Customize bearing base


ARGrinriger v2

WD: 10 Heavy

Sg: Neo left spin gear

BB: Customize grip

It seems to OS the Twin Horn combo, but i need to test it with a right spin zombie on right spin and HMC.
Yeah, outspinning a zombie in the same spin doesn't say much, tbh, though with a rubber base, I guess it's pretty cool, but yeah.

But I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in the AR section of the driger v2 article, it's just that it's not really a useful type in plastics. Still, do keep testing, I'll try to play around with it myself sometime.
(May. 05, 2012  4:28 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]: thanks to shoddy internet I didn't get to reply to that in the thread, but Cross Griffin is probably the most brutal ar in plastics, and cybernetic dragon isn't that resilient, so I'm not too surprised.

: Hmm, I wonder about TT hongli's quality variations, I guess they came from different factories... seems so..i even bought Dragoon V and Dranzer V, Dragoon GT and Dranzer GT..the GT's are yucks..
but the V's..they seems fine..but the plastic quality fro Dragoon V is quite light...

actually..what is the use of the metal plates inside Driger F BB?
i tried to figure how it works..but really..i dont seems useless?the metals are too heavy for the spring???
I've had terrible fake v's abd v2's, not sure of the specific brands though.

As for full auto clutch base, they clamp onto the shaft at high rpm, creating a fixed tip, and later in the battle they ease off and the shaft spins freely for better survival. The gimmick was designed to take out a certain type of opponent, iirc.

But yeah, the base is tall and poorly shaped, so eh, but the gimmick does work.
hahah..i tried on MFB attack seems to self KO very often..damn..
yeah..the tall height..i dislike it..
Yeah, that's why it's "KO friendly" not attack biased haha.

The base makes the tip a bit more aggro, though, yes.

The height of the shaft can be compensated with SP (using it in Dranzer s's casings and burning kerberous' base (not dragon v2 as on beywiki, it scrapes violently, and non scraping casings results in a stupidly tall combo.) but generally it's not bad, heck, that weird spin stealing upper attacker gets under everything well enough.
Which of the following plastic beys exist:
Rapid Eagle
and also how many of the cyber beyblades and saint shield beyblades were released?
(May. 06, 2012  1:32 PM)DuncanBeyDemon Wrote: [ -> ]Which of the following plastic beys exist:
Rapid Eagle
and also how many of the cyber beyblades and saint shield beyblades were released?

1st: Trygator, Ariel (2 versions, 1 which is a gold Wolborg 3, and the original one from a Random Booster), Orthrus/Blizzard, Poseidon, Rapid Eagle,

2nd: Cyber Dragoon

3rd: Vortex/Voltaic Ape, Flash Leopard 1 & 2.
thanks cannon, but iv seen pictures of cyber draciel and driger aswell as vanishing moot, il give you the links
these arent real?
Those are anime pics. Definitely not real.
(May. 06, 2012  3:04 PM)DuncanBeyDemon Wrote: [ -> ]thanks cannon, but iv seen pictures of cyber draciel and driger aswell as vanishing moot, il give you the links
these arent real?
No, unfortunately Unhappy

(May. 06, 2012  3:04 PM)DuncanBeyDemon Wrote: [ -> ]thanks cannon, but iv seen pictures of cyber draciel and driger aswell as vanishing moot, il give you the links
these arent real? is some hand made cyber series and other unreleased plastics in v force series..made by dio..
it might interest you..
Hand Made Beys
Those were really awesome. Anyways iv just started plastic beyblading so i need help. I currently have Apollon, Bump King, Master Driger, Driger G and Torch Pegasus and im getting Rapid Eagle, Trygator and Poseidon soon.
Please tell me how good are these beys competitively and any good customisations with them
Well, those aren't "that great" tbh.
A bunch of those have an awesome collective/rarity value, but otherwise, nothing's too great in there.
The only decent parts I see there are-
Driger G's AR
Torch Pegasus' Base(?)

I may be wrong, as I am not a master of plastics, but well...
I get confused between Torch and Flame Pegasuses, and IIRC, one of them has a decent BB...
Sooo, if its Torch Pegy which has it, then yes, you have a nice BB there!
I also believe that Apollon's AR was supposed to have decent Attack, but too much of recoil. :\
You've just started and you've got Apollon and Poseidon? I don't think we have enough testing on them to be sure of their abilities, same with Rapid Eagle.

As for the others, Trygator is more of a collectors bey (as are the three I mentioned before), and isn't very useful. Master Driger has a very fragile AR but I guess the SG Semi Flat Base is useful, use torch pegasus's AR with that and the heaviest WD and SG you have (probably 10 Heavy for the WD and I don't know about the SG's of the other beys), for some kinda compact.
Driger G has a great AR but you don't have any good attack bases, and it's own base is an engine gear one, thus too tall for anything really.
Bump King is basically the worst beyblade, and the AR is really fragile. I guess you could use it with Torch Pegasus' AR and 10 Wide (if you have one) to make some kind of survival type but it wouldn't be as good as the compact thing I mentioned before.

Apollon and Poseidon both have aggressive AR's but as I said, you don't have any good attack bases, and they're very valuable so you may be able to sell them and buy more useful beys with the money, or keep them for collection rather than use them. I mean, I'd want to test them out but yeah.

So overall your best combo is gonna be

AR: Torch Pegasus
WD: 10 Heavy (or 10 Balance if you don't get a 10 Heavy)
SG: Neo Right SG (HMC (which you won't have) > MG Core > Metal Weight Core), or if you have none of them, just a regular SG.
BB: SG Semi-Flat (Master Driger)

: Torch and Flame Pegasus are the same (just hasbro/takara names respectively) both of them have the gyro gear thing that sucks horribly, but the AR is nice. And you confused Apollon's AR with Poseidon's, no one has really tested Apollon's, haha.
No wait, I not only confused Torch and Flame Pegasus, I confused them with Bearing Gyros' base. Confused
Oh, and I didn't confuse Apollon with anything there, just that I think I read somewhere that its flat contact points provide too much of Attack, with a lot of recoil...
I'm not sure bearing gyros have a base, haha, and if so it isn't legal. Not sure what bey you're thinking of.

Oh, Okay. Well, that's possible (I've heard it's like an advanced Seaborg 2 AR IIRC, and has some upper, so that would be possible), but I've only ever seen Poseidon described in any real detail and it matched your description, haha.
Thanks for that, which beys should i get next for good parts?
Well, you don't really have many useful beys as it is, so my general starter advice is:

Driger S
Driger V2
Once you have the above or at least Driger S and some Neo SG Casings, Metal Driger

It really depends what you're willing to spend and what sort of blades you like, there are a load of good plastic beys and parts so it's very difficult to recommend anything without knowing your budget/where you can buy from/what types you're most interested in and so on.
Does anyone know were to get a g-revolution launcher?
G-Rev launchers are the same as other plastics launcher...
buy any G rev series will get one..or other starter..haha
or you mean ez spring launcher?
(May. 10, 2012  12:55 AM)Kai.. Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know were to get a g-revolution launcher?

There were a few launchers released during G-Rev, by both manufacturers. If you mean the Power Custom, I have no clue, I've been after one for a while and haven't found one, though Yahoo! Japan Auctions would be your best bet (as for basically all takara stuff).