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Country: India (भारत) Registration Date: Sep. 17, 2011 Birthday: Jul. 27, 1997 (26 years old)

I love beyblade, especially Plastics and HMS, and now even Burst! If you want to see some of mine check my youtube channel out! I am currently at university, so I don't always have time for beyblade, but nevertheless I enjoy it. Well here is my Youtube channel: , I do mainly Plastics and HMS videos, so check them out and please subscribe. My tournament record: HMS Strike Back II [London, UK 19/11/2011] - Regents Park- 2nd Plastics Revolution! [London, UK 23/08/2012] Regents Park- 4th New Year's Revolutions [London, UK 23/1/2016]- 2nd Winter's Chill [London, UK 20/2/2016]- 2nd HB's Birthday Burst [London, UK 5/3/2016]- 1st Burst! Rush Shoot!! [London, UK 23/4/2016]- 2nd Beyblade Prime 2016 [London, UK 4/6/2016]- 1st Done with 2K16 [London, UK 3/12/16]- 3rd Bring on 2K17 [London, UK 7/1/17]- 2nd Switchin' It Up [London, UK 4/3/17]- 2nd It's Beyxercise Time! [London, UK 29/4/17]- 1st Beyblade Prime 2017 [London, UK 3/6/17]- 4th Revolution of Generation [Bombay, India, 6/8/17]- 2nd Wait, this isn't Burst?! [London, UK, 12/8/17]- 3rd The Sesh 2.0 [London, UK, 30/9/17]- 3rd Return of the King [London, UK, 6/1/18]- 2nd World Cup Madness!!! [London, UK 30/6/18]- 4th Balance Blader's Birthday Bash [London, UK 28/8/16]- 4th KING VS SAMURAI, NO TIME FOR SHOPPING [London, UK 28/8/16]- 4th Spinning Tops. [London, UK 13/10/18]- 2nd Subscribe to kap1357 [London, UK 17/11/18]- 4th My Favourite Beyblade(s): Plastics: 4 Layer: Dranzer Auto Chnage Balancer (Red)/ Ultimate Frostic Dranzer (Normal/Black or Limited or Clear?) S-Series: Dranzer Spiral (Red Phantom Force/Black Clear)/Galeon (Normal/Purple Phantom Force) F-Series: Black Dranzer (Flame) V-Series: Dranzer Volcano (Red)/Dragoon Victory (Black)/Flash Leopard 1 (Gunmetal/Purple?)/Driger Vulcan (Black)/Wolborg 03 V2-Series: Dranzer Volcano 2 (Normal/Red)/Dragoon Victory 2 (Gunmetal/Movie Red/Fire Red)/Blizzard Orthrus (Normal/Dark Blue)/Ariel 2/Burning Kerberous (Normal/Gunmetal)/Driger Vulcan 2 G-Series: Dranzer Gigs (Normal/Metallic Red/Black/Gold-Tournament Prize)/Driger Gatling (Black)/Orthros G (Blizzard Orthrus)/Ocean Wrath G (Posiedon)/Appolon G (Apollon)/Rapid Eagle G (Killer Eagle)/Dark Effigy G (Death Gargoyle)/Thunder Pegasus GT-Series: Dranzer Gigs Turbo (Normal/Black)/Zeus (Takara)/Dragoon Galaxy Turbo (Normal/Blue/Red/Black/Gold-Tournament Prize) HMS: MS-Series: Dranzer Metal Spiral (Normal/Black/Red)/Dark Leopard Metal Sweeper/Samurai Changer Metal Sword (Normal/Black/Red)/Dragoon Metal Storm (Black)/Slash Riger Metal Scratch MF-Series: Dranzer Metal Flame (Normal/Black) MFB: Fang Leone 130W2D Burst: Spriggan Spread Fusion (Normal/Black) Spriggan Central Accel (Green) Minoboros Oval Quake Amaterious Aero Assault (Dark) Storm Spriggan Knuckle Unite Dark Deathsycther Force Jaggy Lost Longinus Nine Spiral (Normal/Red/Blue/Black) Alter Chronos Legend Spriggan

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