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Ok, thanks! Grin

And no, nothing happens by pushing the button in this one. It has to be winded, which is quite weird. Just like the Engine Gear, you know. You must hold the prongs, and wind them. Then push the button, and an extremely noisy (dunno if powerful) launch is produced.
If this turns out well, I'll use it at the next plastic tourney, haha!
The launcher was released during the engine gear series, it is like an engine gear launcher, i don't own it but i have some pictures on it, will take pictures when i get i home.
Do you mean Takara Tomy released it during their g/gt line or Hasbro? If it's the former, I can't find many likely products on the productist, and would prpbably have run accross it in certain archives - by that time, information on what was released by takara, at least, is somewhat more substantial. The '99 copyright date stamp should indicate an early design, unless I'm mistaken (which would almost certainly make it a Hasbro release of #11 BeyShooter). They may have used a different name to tie it in with engine gears (I do actually recall a launcher like that...)

It's hilarious and terrible that they released that thing but not the EZ shooter power custom though, haha.
Hasbro released it, also is this the strategy guide thing that you have?:

No, that's a gameboy advance strategy guide. There may be a set of Vol 1 and 2 on Ebay still, but yeah.

Relax though, I aim to get all five and will make good quality scans of each, for historical purposes/something legal.

Just remember, my glowing reviews come from a person who is extremely passionate about plastics and finding information on them. I don't think they would appeal to many people, at least those who cannot read Japanese, as much as they do to me.
Yo for the launcher it's called the engine gear launcher. I've only ever seen one of them and that was on ebay(it was hasbro packaging btw). I'm sure it's not from the number series(I know what they all look like and that isn't one of them). Is that person me?
Can someone explain what advanatages spin switch has?
I am not sure which beyblade I should buy- TT Metal Driger, Driger V, Seaborg 1, Wolborg 4 or Galeon. Galeon seems like the obvoius choice but it is not show in or by its package and the description says it has damage but that doesnt affect it in battle. Driger V is also shown on its own, out of box. Takara Tomy Metal Driger is show in box and I dont think its fake. Seaborg and Wolborg 4 are also in boxes and I also believe they are not fake. If a list of my (bad) Beyblades would help, here it is- Galman (Broken attack ring), Draciel F, Dragoon G, Polta, Wing Attacker, Seaborg 2 and a Galzzly attack ring. Since I have a list of all my beyblades, could I ask what the best combo would be?
Get galeon and wolborg, you make a pretty solid combo by simply putting the AR and Sub AR of galeon on wolborg 4's BB.
I think you should ask more about the Galeon. The only decent ones there are Galeon and Wolborg 4. The core from Metal Driger is useful but not with what you've got. I honestly can't make a combo with what you've got. You're beys don't go together at all. An uncustomised Dragoon G would be best IMO.
Not sure if these photos are very good or interesting, I thought it would have more but it turns out it is in different languages:


The link that you originally showed was roken, and these the pics don't show.
ahhhhh. Okay. Strange about the date but probably my bad. Jan posted a review in plastics general Smile

Nah, I was talking about myself, haha.

: what do you mean by spin switch?

I think he means that trick with the Roller Defenser AR that used to be used on Wolborg IV.
Are the CEW's exclusive to the GT series, or can they be used on all Engine Gear Beyblades?
I'll wait till he responds haha.

CEW's can only be used on customize eg's, so other than flame pegasus and the many Hasbro released with customize gears that we can hopefully get an article on some time once we sort out one more bey (black metal driger), they're limited to gt blades.
What types of Customize Engine Gears are there?
(Feb. 15, 2012  4:52 AM)N0body Wrote: [ -> ]
Stadium Set Question (Click to View)
Sorry if any of this was known.

I thought the stadium looked familiar, so I went to a YouTube video of the stadium I thought it was, which led me to Keyblader007's Slayer BeyStadium video. I'm not sure if this is the correct name of the stadium, but I asked if he got this stadium in a set containing a Draciel S and a Galzzly, and he said yes, he did.
My question and his reply should be in the Uploader Comments section.

My question is is the name actually the Slayer Stadium?

(Feb. 17, 2012  4:25 AM)CRUelty Wrote: [ -> ]My question is is the name actually the Slayer Stadium?

I highly doubt it.
(Feb. 17, 2012  4:34 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]
(Feb. 17, 2012  4:25 AM)CRUelty Wrote: [ -> ]My question is is the name actually the Slayer Stadium?

I highly doubt it.
I thought not, haha.
I have an odd question for the Hasbro version of Metal Driger did the sprue for the parts with the casing for the heavy metal core come unaltered with a extra sprue with the engine gear winder. Or did Hasbro create a unique sprue that replaced the HMC casing with the engine gear winder?
what is a sprue?
but yeah Hasbro Metal Driger has an EG and not HMC.
A sprue is the part that holds the pieces that have to be cut off to be able to complete the bey. It is a lot easier to understand if you have experience with plastic models like Gundam models.
Odd question.... When I get home I'll try and find my Takara sprue and a Hasbro manual.

Btw guys, sprue is just the plastic frame that the parts come attached to. The bit you either throw away or rediscover later with your foot and a sense of agonising pain

Also, as in the OP, there was an instruction manual by Hasbro for a metal driger which included a "solid metal core", and there's a black metal driger they did release (well, no certainty but I'm personally quite convinced by the small evidence), so I do wonder if the two are related, if only because they share this ridiculous obscurity...
: There is no record of such a stadium. I'll check out the video when I'm home to see if I recognise it, though ..
Using a left SG with a right launcher. It was apparently supposed to be really good n some combos.