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Really Beywiki says to use Customize Grip. When I first heard to use Customize Grip and I put the Double Bearing Core in it I was like What the heck. It doesn't fit fully. I guess I'll be using BK's own base.
BeyWiki has a lot of errors in the Plastics articles, especially the Zombie stuff. Customise Grip Base's section recommends a zombie in which the tip falls out, for example.

We had a discussion about it over in errors on the wiki, perhaps worth reading.
I'll read it later, but do u know how to put 3 sets of metal balls in the fortress base.
(Apr. 14, 2012  5:18 PM)jadejupiter18 Wrote: [ -> ]I'll read it later, but do u know how to put 3 sets of metal balls in the fortress base.

You can't, legally - that's another error on the wiki. I've had a corrected draciel F draft (the current one is wildly flawed) sitting in the beywiki forum for ages now. You can fit two sets by putting a ball in each pocket and then two more in whichever two base holes the SG frees up. Seeing as you can't use an HMC with it without having to use Dragoon V/V2 or Ariel/Wolborg 03's tip, all of which are very aggressive, it's completely pointless to use over Draciel S's base for weight based defense, and it's shape is terrible for any sort of defense (\the hybrid defense stuff mentioned on beywiki is mostly pointless).
Technically, if you got metal balls that could fit in the two pits covered by the SG without falling out of the base you could do it, but none were ever released by takara and adding anything not to their spec would be breaking the rules (though it was once legal).
@ Th!nk yes we are talking about the same one and your welcome.
What Beyblades include the Wide Survivor Weight Disk?
None of them. It only in some random boosters and in a single release which is very rare.
Cyber Driger
Cyber Dranzer
Cyber Draciel
Galux 2

All anime beys that never made it to the real world.

Any others? That is all I know off the top of my head

EDIT: Just found this on wide survivor:
@ LeonTempestXIII: There is also Xeronix, Zeo Zagart's first Bey before he was given Cerberus.
Ah yes, how could I forget my blue haired, robobtic anime counterpart XD

I still think there are more though. Eh, maybe...
I am not 100% sure, but Pierce Hedgehog does not exist as a real beyblade either.

It doesn't. Sharkrash, Vanishing Moot, the first Voltaic Ape, all of the horror beys, the palette and dj beys used by the All Stars kids, and a whole lot more were never produced as well, most of the "rock bitbeast" beys from vforce too.
Hey guys, me is looking around and would this be a worthwhile buy? I don't know much, but this is a cheaper eBay option, also, is wolborg 4 worth getting? I think that link is wolborg 4, but I don't know... Anyone have any recommendations on an eBay buy it now beyblade?
Hasbro wolborg 1 isn't that great, the shaft/tip are a bit messed up or something.

Wolborg 4 would be a better buy, especially if you can get a good AR for it as well as 10 balance.
I am very satisfied with my Wolborg 1, and if you have the opportunity to get it for your collection, you should totally do so. However, th!nk is right when saying that Wolborg 4 is a lot better.

My honest opinion is get both, if you can afford it. It is totally worth it.
Ehh, Wolborg 1 is okay, but it doesn't have any parts that aren't outclassed by something else. Burning Kerberous's Base and Shaft are better for everything, especially compared to a hasbro one.
The takara one is more worth it due to the tip shape meaning that it stays in the center unlike the hasbro one but Burning Kerberous is a more worthwhile buy since it's core is better and best for plastic zombie's.
so any suggestions as to where I can get some good deals, that doesn't involve bidding? Thanks for the answers as well!
Also, what do you mean by shaft?
Well, ebay have some, you know. I even see Plamoya(?) have a good collection, but those are usually too pricey...
But well, to get the best of plastic beys, you either have to shell out a lot of money at once, or participate in an auction....
Are advance eterner or advance guardian any good? I saw them for £15 off thintoy...
Ignoring the fact that they're both HMS and this is the plastics thread there are articles for both on the wiki.
Those are HMS, so your question goes in the HMS thread.

Edit- Didn't see Ultra's post due to post bug.
oh crisp, I have no idea why I said that! Sorry bout that! Not on a good day...Thanks for all your help, I'm gonna start bidding on eBay after a lot of "persuasion"... Tongue_out_wink
Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong thread but what are the prices of these beys?

NIB Dragoon S

NIB Dranzer S

NIB Dragoon F

NIB Driger S

NIB Dranzer F

NIB Driger F

NIB Draciel F

NIB Draciel S

All are SONOKONG and labeled "SOK" on the box
The only ones which are worth buying of those are Dragoon and Driger S and since you can get them on ebay there's no point selling them to anyone so only buy them for collection or to sell when they run out.