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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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Okay, thanks th!nk, especially for the correction!
Tiger Defenser or War Lion?
Also, why is Storm Grip so hated on, yet the wiki doesn't update the combinations that include it (except for its own combination of course) and it's still called "extremely useful'?
Tiger Defenser. War Lion for pure defense but even then, ehhhhhh...

As for Storm Grip, it's good in a couple of combos but yeah, the wiki gives it too much credit.
You try changing it all though. I met with a certain amount of resistance as well as just not having time to correct everything. Kei's busy IRL at the moment, and should have time soon, and I'm not motivated enough to write at the moment, and correcting a lot of those articles is a huge job.

AR: Upper Dragoon
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo Right (HMC)
BB: Storm Grip

is actually really good, but yeah, change any part and it gets worse. It's not a bad base but it's hugely overrated.

Still, there aren't many other options in left spin for rubber tips, the only things are the Uriel 2 setup and Customize Grip Base, which is tall and somewhat unwieldy (though still great for eight spiker).

So yeah, eeeeeeh.
Tiger Defenser is, all around, a better part than War Lion. War Lion still has its place, but TD is just... well, better than pretty much everything at what it does, except for Gabriel in some cases.

Storm Grip is just much slower than Customize Grip Base, Grip Base, Grip Change Base, etc. If you cannot get those, or an SG Metal Flat, it is still a usable option - it just won't have the speed to do a lot of things.

EDIT: I should pay more attention to whomever else is looking at a thread and just save myself time...
Hah, your post matches mine, so I think we should both be happy.

Yeah, pretty much Tiger Defenser is the best in right spin, whilst Takara Twin Horn is the best in left.

War Lion's SAR is great defensively though, but the main AR... Just too much space to hit IMO. Stick it on a Hasbro Twin Horn in left spin though, and you have a defensive AR that will do noticeably better than Tiger Defenser.

I guess I should actually ask what the rest of the combination is, haha, it could be something more specific, but if you're deciding which to purchase, Tiger Defenser 4 lyf

But yeah, honestly, I'm still working on the plastics parts of beywiki as a whole. I've got a lot of drafts, some very close to completion, it is just motivating myself to finish them that is a problem, and I'm more than a little distracted by HMS, but don't expect me to stray too far from plastics for too long: it is still, and always will be, my favourite series, because of the ridiculous amount of customization they provide. Zero-G is the closest I think we've come thus far to that, but it's never going to be the same as plastics.

Plus, I'm still learning a lot, so I can't just rewrite everything yet, heck, there's already stuff I've written that I kinda want to update a little, but there's so much more to do!

Ooh, thanks th!nk and Ultra! I can't believe that I'll be purchasing a plastic bey after SOOOO long! Eee

@th!nk's recent post- Takara Twin Horn is better in left spin? But I thought that unto now, Hasbro was considered better? Confused
I have a question concerning Zeus' Customize Gear; Is it basically a bigger version of all those bearing-based Spin Gears?

If so, then why did the Zeus starter pack come with a Turbo Winder?
Yes it's basically an engine gear sized bearing core. There was no reason really to have turbo winders with the takara Gigars and Zeus since they have no effect at all.
yes the Zeus CG is just a larger version of Bearing Core and other SG bearings. Zeus comes with EG Winder just for the looks I believe. It can't really "Wind Up" the CG because it's not a EG, but the winder does have uses for me because its made of thicker plastic the other EG winders so it doesn't come off when attached to the CEW so u don't have to put it back on when it comes off cause it doesn't come off. Plus it looks sick.
@ Ultra and jadejupiter18: Many thanks, guys. Wink
does Zeus' Customize Gear have any competitive use, or is wolborg's bearing core better.
I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any competitive use because it only fits into engine gear bases which aren't good for stamina and can't be put in left spin which is the spin direction required for zombies. Not sure whether wolborg's is better but Burning Kerberous' SG is much better in terms of stamina than Wolborgs.
for zombie type blades what is the best ar.
Well Gabriel's is the best but it is only available from the Takara Gabriel and not hasbro's White Gabriel G. Tiger Defencer(From Driger S) is the best, most easily available one though. Galeon's AR is good too but not as good as Driger S'. There's also the AR from the Gyro beys which was once thought to be the best but Th!nk has made comments that it's not as exceptional as was thought and it's also very rare. Go with Tiger Defencer and you'll be fine.
Personal preference question,
Triple Wing or Upper Dragoon?
Yes, I know they have different primary uses for attack, but I'd still like to see what the majority of Plastic users prefer, find more dependable, and etc.
Depends on the other parts, but probably upper dragoon, there's only one AR for it's attack type that is around the same ability, triangle wing (dzgt), and that's rare as Phoenix teeth whereas triple wing is bettered IMO by a few ar's. Upper dragoon's best combo is easier to make if still expensive.
Can anyone please identify the launchers below and tell me if they have any use/rarity at all?
Launchers (Click to View)
All of them are legal because they have the symbol of Takara on them.
:Launcher 3 is an customize grip i believe and 5 is a wind up like the hasbro one just twist the beyblade on the launcher and i think that s how u do it.

Also was there ever such a thing as metal bit-chips like the Metal faces of MFB?
@ jj18: Yes, there were. They're really hard to find nowadays.
@T. L-Drago 9207: Really there were. Cool too bad they very rare, but are they any good like the regular Metal Faces?
They go for in excess of $100, apparently, and the rarity is such that we've had two at most owned by our entire userbase, perhaps three.

I can't tell you how effective they are, but they are quite heavy relative to the weight of plastics. They're the same size as one of the mini bit chips that require the transparent cover. This also means if the prongs that hold mini bit chips in break, your metal bit chip could fly out (though it's not easy to lose), and yeah.

That said, they're mainly a defensive/compact part as extra weight outside weight disks and maybe an MG Core was not helpful for plastic attackers, which focus on movement speed, which is aided by externalised weight, not centralised. I guess it could work on some that need more specific weight on the centre to control recoil, but eh.

Hasbro made one something similar as an attachment point for some figurines they produced of the four main bit beasts, these had a plastic column on top and are not legal for competitive use: the only way to make a launchable bey with one is to put the bitchip upside down, with the pole inside a heavy metal core, sooo.

I think Deikailo had one, I'll have to ask her about it some time, in terms of how effective it is.

(Mar. 28, 2012  4:25 AM)N0body Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone please identify the launchers below and tell me if they have any use/rarity at all?
Launchers (Click to View)
All of them are legal because they have the symbol of Takara on them.

I'm not so good on specific names, but I recognise most of them, and would appreciate hugely some feedback/a review of launchers 5 and 6, as we have limited information on them (especially 6).

If you send me a bunch of shots of #6 from different angles, I might be able to help work out how to use it.

As for #5, I think it's a grip version of JSB's metallic maroon G-Rev Engine Gear Launcher thing. Ask him perhaps?

#1 is an EZ Grip. I have one. It's decent but not the most comfortable. The bottom slides open to store bit chips, a gimmick used on most grips. It's a very early one.
#2 is the Sniper Grip. Should have a little light at the end there that you can aim or whatever.
#3 is a Customize Grip with no accessories (not even the rubber parts that come standard)
#4 is the Sliding Shooter. IIRC it works similarly to the Snipe LL2 of MFB (I forget the name).
#5 is the Bey Grip Shooter IIRC. Not 100% sure but it's featured in a comic of my spin up guide book #1
#6 could be a couple of things, there are two that look similar, one with ripcords and one without. I think it's the Power Shooter or something but I'm not 100% sure. More pictures?
how is a gear winder used? Also is a catapault launcher good?
Uhh, you put it over the CEW and wind it in whichever direction is correct for the EG? Pull out the clutch tabs if the base is final clutch (if it is, it'll have clutch tabs).

And no, not particularly.

More pics are up.
BTW I am unable to launch from the Bey Grip Shooter with enough RPM and with whatever the yellow thing is because the bey sticks to the prongs instead of getting launched. The yellow thing also has a place to store bit-chips on top.
i really dont know the answer to this... please help me
what if i use a left spin bey (dragoon G) with a right spin launcher is it legal???