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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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I onced owned a Draciel F... it didn't suck at all to me.
You must not have owned any other decent plastic beys. It's AR is very recoily, like most other Draciels.
Um... was that an insult ? Because it sure seemed like one to me. I've cause I owned decent Beys.

Unlike you, who don't even own neither Draciel F or Draciel S...
Not really, it's kinda fact that a stock draciel F isn't the greatest beyblade in the world.

How would u know that?

I think we should end this discussion. We can't make you guys change your minds.
Yo guys, no need to take anything as an insult : obviously, for Beywiki to have had so many approved articles that turned out slightly incorrect, there is a lot of disparity between user experience, but globally I would trust what th!nk mentioned, so if you see a note in the header of an article on a Beywiki plastics article, be careful of what the content of that page is.
I have a ton of Plastics, and I think Fortress its unimpressive.
The base is too tall. The AR is outclassed. The Tip is great but way too tall.
Won an auction; had a Dranzer EZ grip and a Stadium 1 (Clear Hasbro).
2 questions.
1. Is Bey Stadium 1 rare? I know it was featured in the first Hasbro commercial.
2. How does Spring Support work?
I'm just going to chip in.

Draciel S is one of my favourite beys.
That doesn't mean i'm blind to the fact that it's flawed.

Overall, ball tips are terrible.
They are typically found on defensive beys, and they do the very opposite of what you want in a defensive bey: a stable, difficult to move, and difficult to KO rapidly spinning top.

Th!nk and I have had discussions on defensive beys, and it's been agreed upon that CMCB is the single best base for (weight based) defense.

Fortress Base has no redeeming features.
It breaks easily.
It has terribly endurance due to its horribly non-aerodynamic shape.
Ball tips are useless.

Some beywiki articles are MASSIVELY flawed, Draciel F included.
Kai-V didn't accept my re-write Unhappy
Draciel F is terrible.
You can use Bearing Grip for defense in Customize change base, with defense ring.

Also, anyone know the answers to my question?
Are you talking about the spring launcher thing?
Of do basically you pushed against a set of springs and when you pull the cord the springs are supposed to provide more power (releases elastic potential) but honestly the effect is minimal and not really worth ot
No, the Spring Support for EZ Grip. It fits on top..

And is Stadium 1 rare?
Ah sory, hasbro I belive released it as one thing.
Yes it is the same thing that I'm talking about.
Ah, but it just flings the launcher forward a bit?
Essentially yes, I think to be honest it hinders youir launch if anything- I'm not sure. All I remember is that thing is not particularly good.
Is the beystadium the yellow one?
I'll determine for myself. It could Benefit a sliding shoot..
Alright, that's the Spinblaster Stadium.
There's 3? original 4 Layer Hasbro stadiums. 1, clear and small as hell.. 2, bigger and blue. 3, no clue.
If you insist but I am telling you the change in speed just makes the rip feel more uncomfortable; it really doesn't make an iota of difference in my opinion.
The stadium is shown in this...REALLY old commercial.

We'll see how it goes.
Keyblader007 used it various time...seems to benefit.
Personally, I just use a customise grip: metal grips and some other stuff- I'lll see if I can find a picture- that works so much better in my opinion; it might just be preference.
(Jul. 21, 2014  10:06 AM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Personally, I just use a customise grip: metal grips and some other stuff- I'lll see if I can find a picture- that works so much better in my opinion; it might just be preference.

[Image: dranzer-grip.jpg]
Customize and EZ grips are the same thing.
It has a spring add on, I wasn't speaking of that spring launcher.
Yes, but if memory serves, I still didn't like it- I had both.
I know they aren't!
Well, I'll check this out in a week.
Know anything about Stadium 1?
Think it was wave 1 of hasbro's stadiums along with the thunder rumbler ect.
It won't be worth much but it might be rare I guess.
Not a tournament legal stadium of course haha.
I think it came before those. It's far different; SpinBlaster was the 3rd and last of its design.
Hope it works with Magnecore.
Never actually had a magnecore haha
It depends if its the first wave then thats before the v-force, meaning they may not have designed it for magnecore use. If you know dimensions you might be able to compare the two...? I beleive thunder rumber could be used with magnecore and that's far bigger that what I think the one that you are talking about...