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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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AR: Triple Tiger
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Right
BB: Flat
Either this or using Stock Driger G except with 10 Wide is your best combo. You should get a normal Seaborg as its Attack mode will make the combo much faster and stronger.
Driger G w/ 10W is a better choice than that, assuming he has it. Flat Base is pretty bad and much more annoying to control (and handles recoil really poorly), while triple tiger compensates for a lot of the eg system's inherent flaws.

Without any decent SG's there's not much more to do with those parts even in terms of vaguely interesting stuff. If by metal ball you mean metal ball base (in future please check part names with Beywiki's beyblade parts list - it's not others job to try to understand what parts you mean if you want their help), then War Monkey/8 Heavy/Metal Ball Base is kinda okay I guess.
Is war monkey with bearing sg added with 10 wide ok?
It'll probably be KO'd by everything that doesn't outspin it, but I guess if you were up against defense it might be your best option.
I know this isn't much, but I'm curious anyways XD.

What can I make with these:

Seaborg, Wing Attacker, and an Eight Balance (I think). Oh, and Triple Tiger.
Seaborg (Base in Attack Mode) + Wing Attacker With An Eight Balance Instead (Don't Actually Use It The AR Will Probably Break From What I've Heard/Can Tell From The Design/Had Happen With My Fake One)

Neither are particularly great :c

If you need to identify a weight disk there's a link in the plastics resources part of my sig that should help.
Is there an official blade for falborg?
No. Its parts were given names by the Trading Card Game in Japan as I recall it (those can be seen in older versions of the beyblade parts list on beywiki), but the beyblade itself was never produced. The user "dio" did make his own interpretation of it, as I recall, that he would've posted pictures of somewhere, if you're at all interested in that.

For future reference, every released, named plastic/hms beyblade is included in the current Beyblade Parts List, so if it isn't there it probably doesn't exist.
(Oct. 09, 2013  12:25 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Seaborg (Base in Attack Mode) + Wing Attacker With An Eight Balance Instead (Don't Actually Use It The AR Will Probably Break From What I've Heard/Can Tell From The Design/Had Happen With My Fake One)

Neither are particularly great :c

If you need to identify a weight disk there's a link in the plastics resources part of my sig that should help.

I thought Whale Crusher or whatever it's called was great for attack?
Whale Attacker (Crusher is Seaborg 2's) is great at flying backwards even on Ariel 2's tip (which has better recoil control than Defense Grip Base (ATK Mode)), while it does often send the opponent flying in the process, in the end the fact it isn't on the competitive customs list and that I didn't mention seaborg uncustomized (or if I did, didn't say much positive about it) when I updated the article when the tip 'mod' was declared legal should provide a pretty comprehensive summation of its competitive worh. Double Wing has similar recoil but significantly more power, and also is much less fragile (I forgot to mention that, Whale Attacker is rather fragile due to recoil and the thin point where the screw designs are because the angle there is baaaaaaad).

Plus, Defense Grip Base (ATK Mode) is rather tall so a flat AR with average range doesn't do very well in terms of actually hitting things on it.
I mean unless I'm missing something he said he has triple tiger, so he should just use that on defense grip base (attack mode)
That wasn't there when I posted my initial response, and your post is the first time I noticed it.

Yes, triple tiger is the obvious choice, pretty sure it's on the recommended combo in seaborg's beywiki article anyway (which by the way is now something people should check before asking questions because I went through and updated all but a couple of the overalls and more importantly added notes to the start of every plastic beyblade article to indicate the state each individual article is in RE: accuracy).
(Oct. 08, 2013  12:31 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah my assumption about the wide survivor and that is that they were likely sold at tournaments (the Official Tournament Companion (OTC) Accessory Set or whatever it was with the blue wide defense, launcher and ripcord was similar I assume but got a product code (it was only released as an a- or an h- and I forget which). The eight wide you posted does have Event written on it in katakana, not sure if that's standard or if it was on the wide survivor packaging you showed me. If you repost the images I could see if I can spot it or not.

EDIT: Don't worry, found the image, had it saved. I can't see anything on it that says event from a quick glance. The description box (where the name normally goes) says "Beyblade Parts", Tyson says something about a Tune-Up Battle and the rest is mostly the name of the part but it's kinda hard to see and I'm a bit distracted at the moment. Don't think it has much on the origin, aside from clearly being from the G-Rev era, though the kanji in the box where the number normally goes might say something (not sure if those are the same characters common to various exclusives or whatever).
Thanks Smile
Is draciel s rare and what series is it from?
Eh, it's not that rare. It was featured in the first season, if that's what you're asking.
So is 13 dollars a good price for it and is it extremely fragile and sorry if this is to many questions but how many metal balls does it actually come with?
I have just received a trygle 2 jungle green and I have heard that its is very rare. Is this true? And is it as rare as the orange trygle 2 or less rare?
KING That's an OK price for a Draciel S, although I don't have it, I don't believe it is that fragile, and it comes with two metal balls.
@PJ You have heard correctly about it being rare. Although, it is not as rare as the Orange Trygle 2, it is worth about 50$ since it's a recolor.
is trygator also rare? and if so should I get an orange one or try for the green?
Trygator is also rare. I would try to go for the green one because it's worth more, but if you can get the Orange Trygator also, because it's also worth a lot, but less than the original Trygator. So go for both.
What is the difference between pre-g revolution sonokong beyblade and pre g revolution takara and hasbro blades
Sonokongs are generally a bit smaller and aren't always compatible with TT and Hasbro.
So which are better sonokong or takara/hasbro? And can u battle draciel s against MFB without it breaking?
What is the least useful bey here:
  1. Seaborg
  2. Burning Kerberous
  3. Wolborg 3
  4. Driger S
  5. Driger V2
Are Compact combos normally agro?