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Is there a stadium type starting with "Double [...]" ?
I just got my spin up guide book (an old official manual by takara). There's a bunch of crazy customisations/modifications I'll get you to look at.

It's all in Japanese so I can only look at the pictures, but I'll try and get a full scan, upload a zip, and let you take a look at it, when you have time. There are a lot of customizations that are illegal by our rules but some aren't *so* outlandish (some are absolutely insane, but very few are more crazy than the roller defenser mod that's on the wiki).
I am talking about plastics, in case anyone is wondering.
Right now, I have only a Driger V2 (in horrible condition), Cross Spiker AR, Venusian G AR (Mirage Godess?), and 10 Heavy, Balance and Wide, so can someone tell me what should I get now :
1) Dragoon G - The cheapest, and also one of my favourite. I've heard a lot about Eight Spiker, so this should be a nice purchase.
2) Driger G - Same as above, but this time for Triple Tiger. This is quite expensive, and is a booster (and I do need a new launcher) so if Triple Tiger is on par with Eight Spiker, suggest me Dragoon G.
3) Master Dragoon - AFAIK, Upper Dragoon is among the best ARs for upper attack. But, apparently I don't have any good base/other parts to use it with. However, if the following combo is good, suggest me this :
AR - Upper Dragoon
WD- 10 Heavy
SG - Neo Right (MG Core)
SP - Upper Claw
BB - Customize Change Base
4) Dranzer S - After reading around a bit, I've found out that the SG and BB of this bey are useful, specially for life-after-death, and the AR is niche as well. But again, there is lack of good parts. At the most, I would use this uncustomized, or simply switch the AR/WD with the ones I've mentioned above.
5) Griffolyon - As most of you might know, the main point of this thing is the AR. But yet again, lack of good parts (it's so irritating Unhappy).
These are the best options I have within my budget. I could even get a Phantom Force Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger, but it's worth what would be my next one year's pocket money :p
Rightio Smile

1) Eight Spiker is okay, but its bases are basically limited to more expensive things (the cheapest is probably Gaia Dragoon V's SG Metal Flat 2), so you need a better base.
2) I prefer triple tiger by a long way, but you still have no bases.
3) No, Upper Attack SP are best used with Driger V2's own Upper Claw AR, it's the only one that matches.
4) You'd want to get a tiger defenser (driger S AR) to be able to use the base, and perhaps a left SG depending on whether you want to be a zombie or kill zombies, though 10 wide doesn't work as well as wide defense/survivor, it can still be used, but you need a small, round AR like Tiger Defenser, and the customization you can make with Dranzer S is good but kind of specific, it relies on spin direction, and you will need to weak launch just right against any mildly aggressive opponent.
5) Still no bases, sorry :C

I can see you really want an attack type, but your only base isn't aggressive enough. I would suggest buying a metal driger for an HMC, putting that in Driger v2, and putting 10 Heavy on it, that would be the best combination you can make on a budget. However, it would depend on the condition of your Driger V2 whether it is legal or not (feel free to send me pictures if you can, and I'll look it over).

If you can get a non-sonokong-gold-series Driger S, I would suggest that, and then metal driger or wolborg 4.

Honestly, Driger S is just so useful, try to find one within your budget around the forums. I know it's not that helpful seeing as you didn't include it, but I would strongly suggest it, it is the best uncustomized beyblade ever released, and both of its main parts, the AR and Blade Base, are hugely, hugely useful (especially the AR, which is probably the most versatile attack ring in plastics).

However, avoid the sonokong gold one, because it's nowhere near as useful.
For the set it's likely to A-26 attack type stadium since they look very similar. It could be the Beystadium triple step type but I have no idea what it looks like and it doesn't sound right. Also no there isn't a stadium starting with double and the only one with double in it's name wasn't released for a while afterwards.
EDIT: My bad, it isn't in my book, sadly.

I see the "daburu" too though.... daburu su

For what it's worth, my book covers releases up to Metal Draciel, and doesn't have a stadium starting with "Double" or anything like that. It also lacks the original Beystadium and the Beybattle set (which I assume came with the original stadium), and then whatever stadium is in this. The only stadium between the end of my book and this release is the "triple step type stadium".

Unless it's just a normal BeyStadium (product number 10). That said, it could be whatever stadium is in the BeyBattle DX Set, as that was also blue and hexagonal, with three walls.

Urgh, these mysteries. I must buy the other books and see what I can find out...
Metal draciel was released in the # series and the set is A-16. Could you take scans of any pages with stadiums if you don't mind since I have no idea what the early ones look like with triple step stadium included.
No picture of the triple step stadium in there, it seems, but I will be scanning the whole book as soon as I have the time to do so. There were a few more releases after metal draciel, in the number series.

I'm also purchasing book number 2 as we speak, however, there are four volumes and I cannot obtain the last two, as they are all out of print and I can't find any second-hand at the moment.

Speaking of questions: Does anyone know if there would be any way to find the last two of these official takara guide books? Or someone who might know how?
I've seen that set many times but idk what stadium it is.
What a worthless pair o beys though
Hello, Th!nk.

I was wondering how much these are worth NIB?
A-31 Master Dragoon
A-89 Dragoon
H-10 Galman
H-12 Seaborg
H-28 Griffolyon
H-34 Salamalyon
H-40 Seaborg

Before i ask another question like this, Do you have a price list for H-Code, G-Code, and HMS? I found This thread thread, but do you have a list since you is PRO!

I'll answer that, if you want, hope it doesn't make a diffference Tongue_out:
BTW, I added most them pruces Tongue_out.
I'm afraid we don't. We do have a list of what was released with H-Codes, but as for their worth, I honestly don't know. Generally though, things are treated with a "Takara is Takara" attitude by most people, so I imagine the H-Code releases generally trade for roughly the same price as the A-Code releases. The price list is *okay* for most of those, but overall it's not the most accurate list ever.

As for G-Codes, I'm not exactly sure what they were. Were they a Hasbro thing? I'm honestly not the best "releases guy", or "prices guy", haha.

And yeah, looks like poseidon has you covered on prices.
Thanks Fellas much appreciated!

Really happy that you guys around, Kudos to yal!!!
I think there were some side series which released some not top stuff like figures similar to the hidden spirit ones for the the main characters bit beast. They were all useless though for battling.
Is Dranzer V any good ? Also what would be the difference between a Dranzer S and a Gold Dranzer S (both SonoKong)?
Dranzer V is way gangster because of Volcano Change Base but not really a great buy
Gold Dranzer S won't be compatible with other parts
Good day to all!

Please help me identify these plastic beyblades and their prices. I'm planning to sell them. Mostly are used. Your help would be much appreciated.
**moved this thread to from the purchase consultation for more information about my beys.

can someone pm/message about the price of the beys in the pics so I can have an idea on how much i can post it? I just recently found these from my storage and i don't have any idea how much will these worth. I can post/send pictures of each beys disassembled/assembled for faster recognition. thanks a lot!
Your URLs are wrong, by the way. You copied and pasted the shortcuts with the ellipses.
sorry! fixed the links...
The dark blue bey is your only real treasure bey.
What is so good about Dranzer V's Volcano Change Base (if there is anything good)? I saw it listed in the Platic Top Tiers thread so just wondering...
Well it's a gimmick base that doesn't suck so that make it the best around.
Hah, it's not the best thing ever. I wouldn't bother buying it. It won't be on the updated version of the list.
No it's obviously the best BB ever made.

Bump Attack Ring
Star Attack
Volcano Change Base

(Feb. 16, 2012  7:42 AM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]No it's obviously the best BB ever made.

Bump Attack Ring
Star Attack
Volcano Change Base


I'll have you know Griffolyon Base is a million times better. Serious

Seriously though, it's not a bad base. Just... not great. Attack mode is usable.