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I'd probably ballpark it at around $20-30.

Not a dime over 30 for a used one, though.
(May. 29, 2012  4:20 PM)Hazel Wrote: [ -> ]I'd probably ballpark it at around $20-30.

Not a dime over 30 for a used one, though.

Hmmm, thanks.

Wow, plastic prices have dropped a lot.
I think it's always been around that.
(May. 29, 2012  6:40 PM)Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]I think it's always been around that.

Really? I know its used, but I though it would be more around the $40-50 price zone?
I've never even seen a NIB one go for more than $45.
(May. 29, 2012  8:43 PM)Hazel Wrote: [ -> ]I've never even seen a NIB one go for more than $45.

Ah, ok, thank you, it just seems lower than I would have thought for some reason, but thank you anyway. Smile
Got a mint and an NIB one both for around 30-35, never seen them go any higher than 40 myself.
Can someone tell me what a hasbro in a box Dranzer GT is worth?
At least $70.
Is it worth $102?
Ultra said at least $70 but depending if you are buying off of eBay can make a difference as prices for beys and other collectables is higher than retail just because the sellers can charge that much and auctions tend to become frenzied for rarer things.
I'm not really the person to ask if I think it's worth any higher since I don't think it's even worth $70(i've owned two for very little so the high prices horrify me).
I wouldn't pay 102 for it tbh. Though they do go for that much, it's probably better to be patient and wait for a lower price somewhere else.
Few questions for the masters of plastic.

Gaia Dragoon (Navy Blue) from RB7:

1. It would be classified under what series? F or S?
2. The WD is 8-Wide. Beywiki lists it Heavy Attack. Were they also randomized?
3. Where might I find the list of names for the Sub AR? Is Sub AR the correct/official name for it?

4. Are all the hidden spirit beys considered as a separate series? Or are they still classified as S, F etc?

Thanks a bunch guys.
1) I think S based only on the fact that it was in random booster S
2) no. The weight disks in random boosters are random
3) I don't think Sub AR's have names
4) Yes they are a seperate series.
If the WDs are also randomized, then how is it determined that a certain WD is meant to be the part for the prize bey? It's not like it's color synchronized.
Here are my thoughts:

1. I'd definitely call it an S, based on what Ultra said (which alone settles the matter), but also because Gaia Dragoon never had a "second-half" counterpart for any of the series (no V2, GT, or MF, though it's not alone in the latter two).

2. This one is actually causing me headaches too, along with a bunch of similar things from RB's, in this case because Ariel 2 always comes with Star Attack, for example. However, for the most part, the weight disks seem to be random, yes. Go with what Ultra said here.
What I assume happens in this case, is that for a prize beyblade, the whole beyblade is placed in the booster, whereas for others, the assortment of parts are colour coded and thrown in randomly. But then there's things like poseidon/apollon/venus coming in the prize colours with the wrong bases. So honestly, no clue.

3. For the official/correct name for the part, Kai-V might be the person to ask, but Sub-AR is the accepted term. For SG Wing Base though, I'm not sure what that is called, I've always called it a sub-ring. In Terms of each SAR's name, all but one don't have a specific name and are called the same thing as the AR (only just realised only one has separate names for each). Zeus is the odd one out, with separate names for each part. No clue why.
Plastics naming is notoriously obscure, and only gets worse the deeper you look, especially when you reach Guardian Driger. It's AR, "Great Tiger", has the same SAR as Great Dragon (Gaia Dragoon) and SG Wing Base (Gabriel), but the main AR is a War Lion (Galeon) - so, it's given a new name, despite being made of recycled parts. Yeah.

4. Hidden Spirits are basically a separate side series, yes. They seem to have their own mythos/story, too.

In that case, based on what you both said, there's no sure way of telling which WD is meant to be a part of the Prize Bey, maybe except for Ariel 2, correct?

If so, then the ones that are listed on the beywiki could be just a random WD listing by whoever wrote it. It just happens that he/she who wrote the parts, got that specific WD in the RB. It does not represent the specific combination for the Prize Bey, correct?
I think the beywiki parts list is generally correct about the WD's. Gabriel almost certainly came with Revolver Attack, and Uriel 2 certainly came with Star Attack, and both of my Dark Drigers came with 10 Balance, so I assume it is right about the Dark Series ones as well, while the other beys only released as prize beyblades are listed as having random WD's.
OK, so the instruction sheet has an assembly picture of 'Great Dragon' to be attached to 'Heavy Attack'. I take it that this is what Beywiki is basing it on.

I'm still disappointed that I got 8-wide instead.. Unhappy

Anyway, thanks for all the help.
Beywiki is basing it upon the original release, from Coro-Coro, and every other version does come with Heavy Attack as far as I know (Even supposedly the bakuten henkei one that was actually a salamalyon, though I'm not 100% on that). To be honest, I am surprised that the RB one didn't come with Heavy Attack all the time, but yeah.

Honestly, don't be too upset, Heavy Attack is really terrible anyway, but see if you can bag a spare off Y!JA or something, they came in a few RB's, so it's possible, just keep an eye out. I wish I had a spare I could give you :c

I've got one. Just pay for shipping and it's yours. It's so bad people are willing to give them away haha.
That's the entire attack series in a nutshell though, Heavy Attack is actually the best one, which speaks volumes about the other three.
Wide Attack looks cool at least. Especially in black like with my two. What's the third one?
Heavy, Revolver, Wide and Star. Tongue_out

Yeah, true, Wide, and maybe even revolver, do look better.