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That guide book had a lot of funky stuff in it, back in the early days people were even allowed to make their own parts etc, so it's been put down to changing rules, so don't expect it to happen. Storm grip requires some kinda adhesive or at least a filler for it to stay in place like that (though a couple of other bases can hold it firmly, none of them are common), though the seaborg one does work, yeah. Basically, it almost certainly won't happen.

Screw Zeus is probably better than War Bear, but I'm not completely sure (War Bear does have better range), but it is much less breakage prone and doesn't come loose with wear like War bear does, and all of those last three have similar yet different SAR's (Gaia Dragoon shares with takara's gabriel though) and all are similarly useless for everything! However, for these kinds of AR setups to work well you really need to be using Ariel 2's tip, otherwise you're generally better off going with something more conservative.
Is Ariel 1's gold plastic more durable than Ariel 2? Oki seems to have 6 or so used ones available, and doesn't look like a lot of them have been chipped/broken off. All, lol. They all have one cracked blade on the base.

It looks like they've been used quite a lot of times in battle as well.
Seems to be, at least compared to the one ariel 2 I've dared use. Still would definitely not recommend using the parts of the gold version (the base is the only part not neccessarily outclassed by a whole bunch of easier to obtain things, and the blades on it are evidently fragile). The plastic is a slightly different shade, maybe that has something to do with it, but yeah, stillllllll don't recommend using them at all.

Gold plastic syndrome also gets worse over time, so a beyblade that has survived many battles or whatever may start crumbling one day. So could a beyblade that is still in its packet etc etc. The Wolborg 03 (Ariel) article contains a link to which has some more details if you want to read up on it etc etc.
Don't use it. Mine broke when trying it out in order to make the article on it.
Ok, I know I've posted here several times asking for combos, but I keep getting new blades. So-
Flash Leopard
Flash Leopard 2
Seaborg 2
Metal Driger (TT)
Driger S (Sonokong, won't work with any beyblades but Draciel S)
Draciel S (Sonokong, see above)
Dragoon G
Draciel G
Wolborg 4
Using BB-10

And also, is this combo any good?
AR- Panther Claw
WD- 10 Wide
BB- Wolborg 4

Also, does SG Semi-flat have any use at all?
You should be able to force the SK tiger defenser onto Wolborg 4's EG, just remove the CEW part while you do it so you can get a good grip and it should be possible. Flash Leopard comes with 10 Balance so use that as your weight disk, and there's your best combo, which is quite good.

SG Semi Flat can be used for compacts, Flash Leopard with an HMC and 10 Heavy is a passable combo, but the AR is really too recoily.

Uncustomized Dragoon G is your best attacker, but it sucks pretty bad.
I've tried to get Driger S's AR on, with and without the CEW, but it just won't go on. So would Panther Claw be a passable replacement?
Also, my Dragoons EG has never released. I tried taking it apart, but it still wouldn't work. Is there anyway I can get it to work?
Passable, yes, but I'd advise asking someone stronger than you to give it a shot first, with 10 Balance already on there. If they are willing, see if they'll put it on and remove it a couple times, might loosen it up a little (usually by scraping off a little of the metallic paint on the threads of the AR).

Take it out of the base, wind it up with your fingers, and push the little white tab on the side in with a pen or something. If that doesn't make it release, it's busted.
It's busted :\ The thing is, I wind it up, and it won't release. But when I guide it the littlest bit, bam, it goes.
Anyway, thanks for all your help! And I'll try what you said with Driger S.
I have a some questions about Sonokong plastic gen beys OK first would anyone know where the beys are manufactured China or Korea? Even though my experiences may be limited to the G Revolution beys they seem to have a decline in quality compared to their Hasbro or Takara counterparts.

Also I have noticed some minor mold variations with the G Rev Sonokong beys. The variations are mainly ascetic is this common for other beys in the line?
Anyone Know how Zeus's E-Gear works?? The Takara Version.
(Mar. 08, 2013  5:47 AM)Zeus_Brooklyn Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone Know how Zeus's E-Gear works?? The Takara Version.
I explained it very recently so if you want more depth look for that, but basically it's a bearing supported shaft, notable for being the only Customize Gear (it's a Customize Gear, not an Engine Gear, note). But, thanks to the lack of good bases, it's not very useful.

(Mar. 05, 2013  9:32 PM)Kenshin Wrote: [ -> ]I have a some questions about Sonokong plastic gen beys OK first would anyone know where the beys are manufactured China or Korea? Even though my experiences may be limited to the G Revolution beys they seem to have a decline in quality compared to their Hasbro or Takara counterparts.

Also I have noticed some minor mold variations with the G Rev Sonokong beys. The variations are mainly ascetic is this common for other beys in the line?

Oh man you just made me think to check something I hadn't before to resolve the sonokong G-rev questions, and I think with just a little bit more investigation we'll have a complete answer (there's one little question left, that I don't trust my memory well enough to answer):

Okay so get this: All sonokong pre-g rev stuff is Made in Korea, as are some of my SonoKong G-Rev's - the ones with sharper molding. The former are small sized, the latter are regular sized. However, I've mentioned that I have a sono kong Rock Bison which is as polished/not-sharp as a takara one - and guess what? The AR says it's Takara, made in China. It did come in a sonokong box, and with sonokong instructions. I will see if I still have the sticker sheet to check if those were SonoKong too.

So, what this means is that SonoKong likely supplemented their own production with excess stock from Takara (I guess the lack of takara/chinese-made Dragoon G's in SK stock is because they made too many also?). It could also mean that SonoKong bought some of Takara's excess to sell on the revival of MFB or whatever it was that made them start selling plastics again (in sets etc).

Check Draciel G's, Dranzer G's, Stickers

Now, the one question that remains, and it is quite a minor one, is whether SK used their own WD's on the Takara beys they resold. I recall mine coming with the SK weight disks, but I would like confirmation either way if someone buys a SonoKong bey and it's stamped Takara (with g-rev beys the stamp is generally on the AR).

This explains the whole "some sk grev beys look just like takara beys" thing, because some of them ARE takara beys.

Anyway, quality wise, the main difference is that SonoKong don't seem to polish their plastic or metal as much, making it look a little worse. Their stickers are also sometimes not cut quite as well, and there is sometimes excess metal on the weight disks (adding to the weight - but there are weight variations anyway, I think I just happened to get a naturally heavy 10 Wide with excess metal as well, making it slightly heavier than most of my wide defenses). This carries on into MFB - Galaxy Pegasis is a very visible example of Sonokong's perhaps slightly lower "quality" - but I hesitate to say that because it's not like the beyblades are compromised by it - SK G-Rev beys play just as well as Takara ones.

Other notes: You can get dud EG's from all manufacturers. I also put the one or two beys I have had arrive that look like they've been left by the seaside for a year (salt corrosion) down to poor storage at some point after they left the manufacturers hands, but I've had that with a takara bey as well soooo...

Also of note is that while SK don't polish their WD's as well, Takara wasn't really any better up until G-Revolution.

But yeah basically there are those differences, as well as spelling differences etc, however some SK beys are just repackaged takara ones, and either way it doesn't really affect their playability (and collectors never seem to care for sonokong as it is, soooo).

The Sheep: Yeah, that's a busted EG, damn Unhappy
How much would the Dragoon GT Advanced Starter Set cost nowadays?
I know it's like over $100, but does it go even higher than $300?
(Mar. 10, 2013  4:56 AM)TheSpeedster Wrote: [ -> ]How much would the Dragoon GT Advanced Starter Set cost nowadays?
I know it's like over $100, but does it go even higher than $300?

Hard to say but the $300 mark seems about right, but I've only seen one sold.
The last two for sale went for $120 and $200
If you're talking about the one on YJA if you plan to sell it based on what 3-Dog said and the poor market generally I wouldn't go for it. It's already gone over $200. Also considering there are a few hard hitters on YJA these days who rarely lose a lot and are happy spending horrendous amounts I wouldn't expect you'll win. Sorry for being such a downer. God remembering Bey Brad's comment about how one went for 15 yen which was only a few years ago makes me want to cry.
Which beyblade is the best out of Black leopard 2, dranzer V, and Dranzer V2 ?
On an other note would you be able to make any mg beyblade spin forever in the Ultimate Beta Stadium?
Dranzer V2. What the hell is an ultimate beta stadium? However I don't need to know what that is to tell you that you can't make any beyblade spin forever.
(Mar. 12, 2013  10:13 AM)Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]What the hell is an ultimate beta stadium?

The Metal Fight Beyblade Stadium with Proto Nemesis.

It depends on the base you're using. If it's wide enough to sit in the indentation properly, then technically it can; until the battery runs out of course ... Also nothing should interfere with it, such as battles.
Is A-89 Dragoon G a good bey to get. It costs £5.48. The plastic beys that I have are: Driger G, Wolborg 4, Trygle, a M-Dranzer attack ring and a Dragoon F base( I think)
It has a good AR for left spin attack, and I guess the WD is fine. The EG and BB are bad though.
To elaborate: I wouldn't get it. You already have Triple Tiger(Driger G) and whatever Trygle's AR is called(Triple Wing IIRC), which are both good for smash, so you probably don't need it right now. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

If I were you, I'd get a SK Driger S, so you could make:
AR: Driger S
WD:10 Balance
EG+BB: Wolborg 04
This combo is quite good. The SK Driger S AR should fit on, but beware there is a small chance it won't.
Also there are no good left spin bases for attack that aren't expensive apart from Dragoon V2's and even that is recoily.
Why do all of my launchers keep on breaking!!!!!! Every time I get a new plastic gen bet one of the prongs breaks off!!!! I've gotten desperate enough to try to glue them back together!!!, btw, if I were to get a plastic gen off of eBay which one should I get? I have dragoon g and a gold dranzer s(wasted my 12 bucks, the thing just broke on its first battle) and I need something reasonable for the price.......


Omigosh..... Dranzer g........ I want one!!!!!!!!!!! There's one pretty cheap at around 20 bucks but still... I ain't got that much money!!!!!