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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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No, they are not changeable. Both have terrible shapes and performance overall though, even adding more weight would do very little to help. Draciel S, and to a lesser extent Draciel MBD are the only worthwhile draciel beyblades.

Also, you can't legally put three sets in F, it's an error on the wiki, (there are a lot of those). I wrote a better draft in the Draciel F thread in the beywiki subforum, though it needs a small tweak in terms of formatting, the information in it should be 100% correct. The most you can do is two sets and that's only with certain weight disks (to prevent them flying out), and without it's own SG, as that blocks them, which requires the use of one of a small selection of tips, all of which are aggressive and have poor stamina. The only way to put three in is to use specifically sized metal balls that can sit in the four holes that hang down from the base, and there are no balls of that size in any release.
(Jun. 03, 2012  9:41 PM)Hazel Wrote: [ -> ]...that listing shows up under a search for just "Dranzer S", so I cannot imagine what you were searching for.

Nope, it doesn't show up at all for me on either Ebay UK or US, typing in the whole name of the listed item is the only way for it to show up in the results.

Is the Wing Defencer's AR allowed in competitive use? I heard somewhere that it wasn't, but I'm unsure?
I don't know where you heard that, but it is most certainly legal. The universal rulebook isn't too hard to find though I'm a bit busy right now to grab the link for you, though also keep in mind that it should say that all hidden spirit AR's are legal (as they are), rather than just salamalyon and griffolyon. The Bases aren't, but they all suck. I'd like to see it all legalised anyway though, even the stupid base of zinrai/raiden/hayate simply because there's no good reason for them to be banned and it would make explaining the rule much simpler.
Need a little help, would £19 be a good deal for a NIB Phantom force Dranzer S?

Also do you get anything significantly different in the Hasbro Phantom force Dranzer S compared to the original Hasbro Dranzer S A-2? (Apart from the obvious colour difference)

Thanks in advance.
Yes. They're very hard to find NIB(New In Box). There's no differences apart from the colours.
Would $34 USD for an Advance Eterner and $15 USD for an Advance Averazer be good prices? Both are NIB, but should I still get either of them since I already have a Gaia Dragoon MS, Jiraiya MS, Sea Drake, and Draciel MS?
Yes for these days. Get them since atm you have no stamina HMS.
Alright, thanks! And BTW, which would be the better buy in terms of overall usefulness? Sea Dragon or Samurai Changer?
Since you have no proper attack types Sea Dragon. But you already have one. Sea Dragon and Drake are exactly the same thing apart from the WD on takara version may be heavier.
Well, I already knew about the weight difference, but I guess what I'm asking is which would be the better part between those two Blades considering the ones that I already own (including Advance Balancer since I already ordered it). So Defense Ring or Samurai Upper?
I told you. It's Defence ring since you don't have a decent attack bottom.
Okay then, thanks! Smile
Also, in future please use the HMS Q&A thread for HMS stuff.
Do all Engine Gears have Customize Engine Weights, or just the later-model standard EG's, Turbo EG's, Reverse EG, Gyro EG, and CG's?
The only takara ones with them are Gigars, Zeus, Dranzer and Dragoon GT. The hasbro exclusive ones also had them.
Oh, thank you, Ultra! Grin
You forgot Flame Pegasus, the first bey with a CEW.

As for hasbro, check the hasbro g-rev parts list in the beywiki subforum for stuff they added customize engine gears +CEW's to, and ones they have different CEW's for.
@ th!nk: Um, Flame Pegasus used the Gyro Engine Gear
Yeah but Flame Pegasus also has a CEW.
Need a little help, what would be the best plastic base for endurance? (I.e: From which Beyblade would I get it.)
(Jun. 05, 2012  6:50 PM)T. L-Drago 9207 Wrote: [ -> ]@ th!nk: Um, Flame Pegasus used the Gyro Engine Gear
I was talking to ultra, though I'm sure it was just a minor oversight on his part haha.

(Jun. 05, 2012  10:30 PM)BlackCat Wrote: [ -> ]Need a little help, what would be the best plastic base for endurance? (I.e: From which Beyblade would I get it.)

Pretty much all endurance types used in plastics are zombies. Spiral Change Base (Dranzer S), is the best for that, though it's aggression and ease of KO (stamina mode is unusably easy to KO, hence the aggression in attack mode becomes an issue, and it's still easy to KO) mean there are usually safer choices, though weak launching helps.

The next best setup is Burning Kerberous' SG, with two Shielded Ball Bearings (as it only comes with one), in Wolborg 2's base.

Both of those should be used in the opposite spin direction to the opponent you intend to use them against.
I'm getting a bit confused. Which Draciel have metal balls and how many sets can each draciel hold? Btw, Which is the best, second best, third best, second worst, and worst wolborg (wolborg 1, wolborg 2, uriel/wolborg 3, wolborg 4, and wolborg ms)?
All the wolborgs do different things, you can't really rank them, and Wolborg MS is an HMS, not a plastic, so it's like apples and oranges. Wolborg 3 is the only one without any top tier parts, and wolborg 1 is probably the next worst because while it has competitive parts, there are better choices.

As for draciels, 1 for v, v2 and g, 2 for S, F, and MBD.
I know that Wolborg MS is one of the best beys of the HMS series, but overall, which is the best, middle, and worst out of wolborg 1,2, and 4 (overall)? And also, which is better: Draciel MBD, S, or F (overall).
(Jun. 06, 2012  3:53 AM)UltimateFantasy Wrote: [ -> ]I know that Wolborg MS is one of the best beys of the HMS series, but overall, which is the best, middle, and worst out of wolborg 1,2, and 4 (overall)? And also, which is better: Draciel MBD, S, or F (overall).

It's not as straightforward as that. They all have different uses. Wolborg has bearing core which is used for stamina/Zombies's (althought its not the best in that category), Wolborg 2 is used for defensive zombies and defence combos and Wolborg 4 only really has use in one pretty good combo. Draciel S is much better than the other two.