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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Q&A Thread
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No, actually, you can clear coat parts if it doesn't affect the texture/behaviour, but it cannot be thick: that's all in the rules, and is pretty much the only legal way to tighten parts. I'd also suggest coating the whole thing anyways, as long as you stay within the rules.

Anyway, onto this, I must admit it slipped my mind (and I wrote this reply a couple of hours back without posting it).

(Apr. 10, 2012  9:09 AM)Janstarblast Wrote: [ -> ]@th!nk- Well, the height is 'normal' in accordance to Dranzer V standards, but it is an overall tall BB, I guess.
Aaand, I suppose Zombies usually have short or mid-height bases. So all I meant there, was it was actually too tall to be called an orthodox Zombie bey... Smile
Also, I got the SG with the MG core, so the tip does go slightly inwards. But still, my point was what I mentioned above. Smile
Actually, there aren't any short-height zombies, they generally need to be mid-tall for good LAD, largely, I guess, so they don't spin themselves out (it's hard to describe the action, but a beys base touches the surface and it moves in the opposite direction to normal, removing all of its spin). Dranzer V's base is about the same height as most zombie bases, actually.

Quote:As for Sonic Tiger, it was (and is) probably the best Stamina-suited AR I owned (OK, I have Twin Horn too; but I need a good enough SAR to utilize it well) and that is just why I used it.
It is otherwise a not-so-good AR according to WBO standards of course, but I like it a bit... Smile
If you had it, then you probably wouldn't even consider using it over a Tiger Defenser or something. But well, as this is all I had, and is also one of my favorite ARs, I used it here.
It actually would have had a small amount of Upper Attack, if those slopes weren't so shallow, and if the contact point extended into a continuous slope(making the AR a two-sided one); instead of those gaps you see in between.
But still, I am quite curious to know about Sonic Tiger, especially because its not everyday that you read a discussion related to it somewhere around the Forum, or see it on the BeyWiki. Smile

Sonic Tiger is too Aggressive man. Master Dranzer's AR has better stamina but only in left spin :\

It's not really popular because it's really average, too aggressive for non-attack, but not good enough for attack. Hopefully when I get one I'll share more info on it, Driger V is an irritating omission to my current collection. I do have one ordered, though.
Oh, I thought Zombies had to be low enough, so that they can quickly switch to LAD as soon as they sleep out.
Because if they were tall, then they would wobble to death...
This "belief" was largely influenced by MFB's WD tip; which is great on lower heights, but goes haywire on high tracks.

As for Sonic Tiger, it is aggressive, yes. Actually its a bit too recoil-y instead...
Actually, I got a lot of info about Zombies when I read past your BeyBlargh's Zombie article. Smile

So, I'll wait for the arrival of your Driger V, and would certainly wait for the "more info" you might share. Smile
Oh, no, that wobbling/precession is a benefit to them, and you must understand, the weight distribution of plastics is much less extreme than MFB, the plastic equivalent of 230 height is perhaps the Jumping SG's of Trygle/Cyber Dragoon fully extended (it's hard to find an equivalent though, given the massive weight differences). MFB's behave really differently to plastics overall.

Yeah, part of the same things, in some combos it will be aggressive, in others, it's recoily. Same coin, different sides.
Ahh, that was just defensive zombies (though they are still similar). I must get working on the proper zombies post, though I'm not sure whether something about spiral change base will come before or after.

The coolest thing about driger V I know of is that its tip does really well in Driger V2's base in place of the metal change tip. Completely illegal so you "didn't hear it from me" (though if stuff like that were legal it would be sweeeeet). Definitely something for my blog rather than here, haha Tongue_out
Clear Coat makes alot of sesne. It is technicaly a paint, which would fall under a legal modification, and it would show any visible change to my collection. Although there would be no garuntee that the paint would stya on the plastic right? Would a clear primer agent be better? (if such a thing exists) or should a clear coat do just fine?
This question of mine may sound weird, but I am sure that I am not the only one wondering: what the hell are those bit-birds? On the bit chip, instead of the actual bit-beast, it is a bird (a raven or some other kind of bird). It comes with the same colour as they beyblade. Thanks in advance!
Could you post a picture? I'm not sure what exactly you mean, I have a few ideas, but I'd need more details.
He may mean the random bit beasts that are included with each beyblade in addition to a spare bitchip. From my experience, the most common one is the one he is describing. I dont know which specific bit beat it is, but I believe it is from the Dranzer family
You're thinking of ice dranzer, but the color thing he mentioned doesn't match that. It's my main guess though.
I don't know how to post/attach pictures (yet) so I will just copy the link to a picture of that bird. - Post #771 (the spoiler from Nocto)
Definatly Ice Dranzer. I used to have more of those than I did beys...

The only other ones I ever remember getting from Hasbro beys were Metal Draciel, Metal Driger and Death Draciel (not a real bey, but used alot with the Wing and Roller series) Other, rarer spare bit beasts may have been avaliable, I am sure, but generally, all you would see is Ice Dranzer with Hasbro

With the 2 bit chips included, one would always have japanese writing on it on one side. The other would not. What did it say?
There is indeed some Japanese writing on the bit-chip. I will take a picture of my bit-cirds once I get back home and post them. I have no clue how I got them, I've had them for years and years, I just never knew what they were all about. It annoys me because I have super plastics in perfect condition (ie: Seaborg, Wyborg, Driger, etc) but instead of the actual bit-beast chip I have those stupid birds.
Ice Dragoon was relatively common, and apparently Spark Draciel, but Ice Dranzer was the most common from what I've heard/seen.

The japanese writing is usually the name of the bey/bitbeast (I think it was for some of the bitchip readers or something in one case, but not really sure)
How about a bit chip with a White Tiger(not a regular Driger) thing that stands on 2 legs.
It's probably one of the Metal Driger stickers, or Death Driger if it has a scythe, or Spark Driger if it has some gold armour and some electrodes on top, but if anyone wants a bitbeast identified, they should post pictures of it, and preferably check the huge number of them I posted in the sticker sheets thread, with which I included a list of names. I'll try to sort that out when I have time.
Ok Ill post a picture later but does Spark Driger come as a random bitchip?
(Apr. 12, 2012  8:34 PM)Dingodigo Wrote: [ -> ]Ok Ill post a picture later but does Spark Driger come as a random bitchip?

Ok just checked it is a Spark Driger. How rare is it?

P.S. Thanks for all the Bit Chip scans!
Spark Driger (not a real bey):

Metal Driger:

I think Spark Driger's sticker can only be obtained as a random bit chip sticker, or in one of those sticker packs I have heard about by Takara. Sadly, I dont think I ever encountered a Spark Driger, Ice Dragoon, or Spark Draciel. I only encounterd the 4 I named before; Ice Dranzer, Metal Driger, Metal Draciel and Death Draciel (not a real bey), with Ice Dranzer being the most common, in fact overly common.
There are two (maybe three, depending on whether this one I have is real or not) metal drigers, but that's the random one anyway.

Anyway, I'll work on arranging my bit beast scans into some kinda guide seeing as people seem interested. Might actually try and get others to share bit stickers to help complete it somewhat, dunno yet, would be a pretty big undertaking. Tongue_out
Wasn't there a site with the bit chip stickers that everyone used as avatars a while ago? Did anyone note it down?
Yeah, that's where LT got them from, but it's only got a few
Um well it has all of the ones that don't have actual beys which are the only ones that are hard to find.
No it doesn't.

Spark Dranzer isn't there, for starters, and there are supposed to be rock versions of all four, amongst other stuff, so there's a fair few missing, including ones I don't have :3 Oh, also Ice Draciel. This is just me brainstorming now, not trying to rub it in, helping me figure out what I also don't have.
I didn't even realize those existed. I really wanna see Spark Dranzer and the rock ones too now. If there's a Ice Draciel does that mean there are ice versions of the other three?
Ok it seems my iPod camera wasn't clear enough for my eyes it is indeed a Metal Driger bit chip with the words Dr IM on it. Also on your Driger bitchip section of your post on the sticker thread you say your not sure if it's real and I can confirm that it is so it must be a prototype of Metal Driger.