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(Dec. 31, 2011  2:59 AM)Codeine Extorts Wrote: [ -> ]Cyber Dragoon AR has to be the most dangerous attack ring ever. It left a welt on my palm when I still had it.....
driger F also hurts =_=
im not dare to catch it when spinning at all.......

(Dec. 31, 2011  2:24 AM)Hazel Wrote: [ -> ]Plastics used to do very similar things, actually, so I wouldn't call it entirely nill, haha.

HMS used to do it best, though...
And in plastics, try to pick up Appolon sometimes! Eee
When I actually owned Appolon, I thought it was a Venusian G. So till now, I thought that Venusian G hurts a lot. But thanks to dio's pic somewhere in this thread...
- Seriously, DGGT looks cool! IMO Dragoons started looking better since DGV2. Dragoon Galaxy was meh, but the recolor I own made me believe its quite beautiful... Smile
- Smash King VariAres never bows to anyone who is incapable of controlling it. Tongue_out jk!
make a guess, whats inside?

[Image: xbGJo.jpg]


last but not least,
Jealous of the mint Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec....
Mine's in horrible condition........ :\

SWEEEEEEET lovin the new beyblades
but i gotta say, i melt everytime i see that dragoon gt (i need one of my own Crying )

also, just curious, what is the blade under Zues, (Orca Diver?)
yes it's orca diver
Wow great beys to both roux and dio! Grin

haha finally got that Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec. That you wanted! ;p

dang your really pulled in a huge lot of blades there LOL! And lots of rare's in there as well! Smile

My baby <3____<3
(Dec. 31, 2011  5:08 PM)J o n Wrote: [ -> ]My baby <3____<3 [Image: 2011123110545094.jpg]

Fixed it for you but it still isn't working(at least not for me)
new yr crazy act lol

[Image: 0VxwV.jpg]

still not yet reached 100 coz i didnt put some shameful MFB lol
so here they r and happy new year :]
lol..those beys are nice..haha..
My Black Repaint Dragoon GT (Click to View)
Looks really nice. I'm assuming you did it with spray paint or an airbrush?
Spray paint..easy and cheap..XD haha
cant afford to use air brush...triple coat under sunlight.. Wink
havent print out the bit beast and blade base printer got bisted again last evening..but wondering if i should print the bit beast in black&white too or colored one?
(Dec. 31, 2011  6:38 PM)Benjohadi Wrote: [ -> ]lol..those beys are nice..haha..

wow man u make the GT looks awesome :]

u remind me the wallpaper i made today lol idea of grey scale just came into myu mind since i paint them black...
i think any plastics repaint toblack with greyscale/white stickers gonna look elegant & pretty...
Nice picture roux.. Grin
roux:- Is that the Meteo L-Drago CoroCoro Kurkoryuu ver. Recolour you got there?I believe there's only 100 available.
My Dragoon MS I just got for X-Mas Grin

And can somebody tell me if this Grip Flat Core is in good condition or not, I really wouldn't know and I want to sell Dragoon MS so yeah Grin

yea, it looks like its on good condition Grin
(Dec. 31, 2011  6:14 PM)roux Wrote: [ -> ]new yr crazy act lol

Wow roux that's a great collection you got there! Smile you got a real good amount of Plastic and HMS! Grin keep it up! ;p

(Dec. 31, 2011  6:38 PM)Benjohadi Wrote: [ -> ]lol..those beys are nice..haha..

Sick Ben-Ben! That blade looks very good haha makes me wanna open my Black GT Set.... :p those stickers look very good on the bey as well! Smile
roux doe you sell your dark bey on the pic ?
(Dec. 31, 2011  6:58 PM)Whatzzer Wrote: [ -> ]roux:- Is that the Meteo L-Drago CoroCoro Kurkoryuu ver. Recolour you got there?I believe there's only 100 available.
in fact it's painted and sprayed by myself
this is the beys i have now... (nearly all)
[Image: 379442_10150672799848782_598723781_12405...6073_n.jpg]
Woah ! dio ! You need a Rose Gold Face. Nice Collection. Smile
200+ beys = niceeee.... Smile