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Third one from the bottom is my favorite by far. I love the scenery.

I wish I had a Quetz Unhappy
I think the bottom one is my fav Grin
Love the third one.
Really good pics. I like the last...very cool! Joyful_3 Contrast is perfect!
Nice one Brad. I have to say that I think the third from last is the better one.
I think these are stunning. I am not sure which I like best but the one with the flash is drawing me in. XD
I like them all, but isn't te 3rd on, the one of it spinning gonna damage it?
(May. 10, 2009  10:09 PM)BDaichi Wrote: [ -> ]I like them all, but isn't te 3rd on, the one of it spinning gonna damage it?

It's not actually spinning.
Those are really nice photo's, the last one is my fav too, can't wait to get my Quetz now Tongue_out
(May. 10, 2009  10:10 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]It's not actually spinning.

Ah, power of photoshop lol
Aha, I didn't even see Gigas other ones. They're great, I love the second and third. Joyful_3
Those are awesome. I like the third one best as well. Cute
If you could enter the contest, you'd probably be an automatic winner. Love the last one a lot!
for me its a 3-way tie between the second the forth and the sixth
[Image: DSC01831.jpg]

Meh, here we go =D.
That's an awesome collection Bey-UK.
Nice MFB collection Espio Smile
Nice collection Espio, A lot of good blades in their Grin
This not real 0_o ı want that collection
The back row is my fave. XD
(May. 11, 2009  4:31 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]The back row is my fave. XD

Haha, your a sagittario Fan. I'll take a few Sagittario photo's tomorrow =D.
I'll post MFB collection pics when my last RBV 2 arrives; here's hoping for a Pisces XD
I wish I were you espio... I have 3 beaten up MFB's with half the stickers torn off...
I have only 4 metal fight beyblade UnhappyI stop buying it because of I ll wait 2010
Yeah. Im glad that I can get a headstart at the first blades this time. Ill buy alot next year.