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It's metal and plastic, with no gears or anything like that. What is a little water going to do? All you have to do is dry it after..
Yeah I guess but can the metal that the hybrid wheels are made of Rust?
(Oct. 17, 2010  7:16 PM)megablader2 Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I guess but can the metal that the hybrid wheels are made of Rust?

No. They're made of a zinc alloy. It may tarnish a little, but it can't rust.
Not to mention it wouldn't rust even if it was a different type of metal if he simply dried it.
Side view of my re-paint from earlier:

[Image: dscn0538ap.jpg]
Hey guys, just wanted to post some pictures of my collection. It has changed a lot since 2003!! I threw away broken beyblades (Driger F, Metal Draciel, 2 Dranzer F's, Dranzer S, Wing Attacker, Master Driger) and sold a couple recently.

Group picture of all my plastics and my 2 HMS blades. I recently sold my Galzzly and HMS Spark Dragon though... still got 29 old beys to mess around with Grin but I did lose a fin tector off my Draciel V2 Unhappy wish I would have found that before I moved...

Everything is Hasbro too Tired

Plastic and HMS bey collection (Click to View)
Metal Fight/Fusion Bey collection (Click to View)
I think I have 38 beyblades in my collection right now. I still can't believe I had more before they ended up being trashed!! Man, what a money pit LOL jk

My only regrets were not buying Burning Kerberous, Dranzer GT, Dranzer V2, Zeus, and many many more beys from HMS when they were on clearance at Target for the low low price of $3.99 a bey. Pinching_eyes_2 My mom was like "I'll buy you 5 since they're so cheap" and I said no. LOLOLOLOL and I thought I out grew them. hahaha

Hope you guys like my collection, nothing too special though.
Nice pics Corey awesome repaint! Smile
Thank you sir!

I wasted a 145 and F on it, but whatever :p
Worth it with those results
(Oct. 18, 2010  1:52 AM)Corey Wrote: [ -> ]Side view of my re-paint from earlier:

[Image: dscn0538ap.jpg]

Awesome repaint which bey is this ???
Dark Pisces 145F
I'm back with a new custom paint job. The blade is Flame Saggitario D125S (I had 4 D125's and 8 S's to spare)

Wow Corey that looks great. Im thinking about starting to recolor by beys soon as well.
Thanks man.

I haven't tried it on any useful parts yet. I've basically been practice-painting all my spare parts. I sort of want to do a ray wheel for my attack combo, but we'll see.
Do you dye your parts or what do you use for the tracks and bottoms?
I use a special spray paint that is for plastic, along with a clear gloss coat after two coats of the color.
Oh thats cool, no wonder it looks so glossy XD
Hmm, second picture looks grey Tongue_out
It's more of a deep blue. It's totally distorted because of the lighting :o
I love this beyblade. <3333333333
Warning: Massive picture (Click to View)
Hehe I think it is really awesome. ^^
Wow that looks amazing, where are all the parts from?
Galaxy Pegasis Facebolt
Ray wheel
Unicorno (Aurora) CW
100 Track
RF Bottom

I would have added metal face but the clear Pegasis FB looks better IMO.
Oh I see, I thought the G. peg face was more blue