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woah that's cool.
Wow! Nice work theflightyellz! Gasp

Here they are, the Fantastic Four XD
[Image: fantasticfour.png]
The faces of Cyber Leone, Cyber Pegasis and Burn Phoenix are awesome.
The wheels look really good Ellz and really jealous of those four DrigerGT!
Cybr Pegasis is completely awesome.

I bet the cyber's clear wheel would look good in the custom:

Face: MF (unpainted)
Clear Wheel: Clear Pegasis from Cyber Pegasis
Metal Wheel: Unpainted Storm
Track: Clear 105 from BB-56
Bottom: Clear RF from BB-56
The transparent Pegasis II face would look nicer.
(May. 31, 2010  8:14 AM)Valentin Wrote: [ -> ][Image: img1193w.jpg]

Thermal Pisces (clear) + Pegasis II Face = <3

Now I just need at clear DF145 and SD!

[Image: dscn0459l.jpg]

[Image: dscn0461p.jpg]

[Image: dscn0479a.jpg]
The frozen in motion Galaxy Pegasis photo is really nice, and I like the way you've matched the ice with the clear wheel of the Thermal blade.
Woah, some of these colour variants people keep posting are actually beautiful! I do hope these get released overseas.
Where does everyone keep getting these awesome face bolts?
The clear pegasus one is from the galaxy pegasus in the deck entry set. God the name "Face bolts" makes me cringe. Call them faces. That's their proper Takara name.
I do love Galaxy Pegasis's PERFOMANCE TIP!!!

face bolt is nothing compared to this
[Image: s0wsgx.jpg]
[Image: smaagi.jpg]

I love this Beyblade so much.
Very nicely taken!

I love the clear wheel without stickers
Driger GT that pic is sooo Smexy

[Image: Gemiostop.jpg]
Gemios clear wheel for stamina
[Image: Gemiosbottom.jpg]
DF145 finally
[Image: Capricornetop.jpg]
best looking in the set
[Image: Capricornebottom.jpg]
[Image: Aquariobottom.jpg]
this is fun
[Image: tool.jpg]
best looking tool
[Image: box1side.jpg]
box side
[Image: boxback.jpg]
back of box ( toaster >.>)
what camera did u use for the pics of your collection?

and theonly beyblades that i bought and own is 1 only launched once against nothing Driger Ms and a flash leopard that my friend super glued togeher 4 times and kept splitting throught the middle.
I took a video with ipod nano, uploaded to computer, and took screenshots using snipping tool
Photos of my newest acquisitions. (All Hasbro)

[Image: ehk611.jpg]
Rock Aquario 125SF (I admit, I like this one)

[Image: 1266wkw.jpg]
Storm Pegasus 105RF

[Image: bebgo3.jpg]
Storm Aquario 100HF/S

[Image: jz8u52.jpg]
Rock Aries ED145B
I hate the green aquario, but the pictures are nice to see.

(Jun. 08, 2010  5:33 PM)Crimson Wrote: [ -> ][Image: ehk611.jpg]
Rock Aquario 125SF (I admit, I like this one)

They could at least have made things more cohesive by including a green 125 and SF!
Why does ED145 remind me of kid/master draciel's attack ring?
(Jun. 08, 2010  10:13 PM)Mc Frown Wrote: [ -> ]Why does ED145 remind me of kid/master draciel's attack ring?
It reminds me of them too...anyhow i hate the yellow on storm pegasis..and the green aquario...ewww.
I like the green aquario alot XD