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AWESOME! I DESPERATELY want Mercury ANubus! Good job! As always.
warning big image (Click to View)
My new fav bey <3 . Grin
Looks Supa Smexy! (My new Saying)

That looks Sweeet as.

Maybe put in Spoiler?
This is my collection to date, I hope to be adding some of the better beys very soon.

You Must get a rose Gold face.
Fastest Person to get Rose gold face.
I'm in vacation right now...
Great Photography skills!
What camera do you use?
And mind putting that sin a spoiler.
(Apr. 15, 2011  2:28 PM)Aquilaz112 Wrote: [ -> ]Great Photography skills!
What camera do you use?
And mind putting that sin a spoiler.

Sorry for being a nOOb, problem solved.
Thank you Aquilaz112!

Big Bang Pegasis Banner! Smile
[Image: bigbang.png]
(Apr. 15, 2011  3:26 PM)DrigerGT Wrote: [ -> ]Big Bang Pegasis Banner! Smile
[Image: bigbang.png]

Great Banner, as always. You rock.
Burn Kerbecs AD145WD

[Image: o6h3dj.jpg]

Gravity Perseus Reshuffle set gold ver.

[Image: m7qcnt.jpg]

Gravity Perseus Reshuffle set silver/attack ver.

[Image: 14nz3wg.jpg]

MF-H Basalt Bull 230WD

[Image: 2m4tvm1.jpg]

And some others...

[Image: 2ytyy49.jpg] [Image: 2exu96w.jpg]

[Image: 11uxk02.jpg] [Image: 34e6pz5.jpg]
Duuude, some of those photos are really good. If you've got the time, you should take pictures for Beywiki.
I happily would, I've got time for the next few weeks. Just PM me to let me know if there are any photos needed taking Smile
That spinning one is great,IMO.
Xeroeds Beyblade collection
link to my beyblade photo album.

Xeroed Youtube uploads
link to my youtube channel.

Sunday battle between Akira2002 and myself
[Image: 2BBP.jpg]
Cool photo man Wink
- Which bey is that? I saw it for the first time( I think) Is it BBP?
There both Big Bang Pegasis with a Metal Face Heavy attached Smile
Thats pretty Awesome Dude. It looks much better than BB-107 recolour. Im getting another Eee Normal BBP looks so Much better.
Thanks a lot. That golden lining on the BBP that is below confused me...
The yellow/gold silhouette is just the afternoon sun reflecting on the metals from the window. I was quite surprised at the result, since it was taken with a mobile phone. Tq
Awesome photo Uwik !
MF-H Big Bang Pegasis FTW !
recent purchase wif some effects
[Image: IMG_2783.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2784.jpg]
(Apr. 19, 2011  9:58 AM)roux Wrote: [ -> ]recent purchase wif some effects


Wow they look really nice Smile