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WTF(ail)?I never seen that Black and Red recolour.Did you dye it?I like your Kerbecs'Now Blitz,imagine a clear Hell Kerbecs,that would be good.Sad that TT didn't made a Clear Kerbecs though.
(Nov. 29, 2011  4:40 PM)Janstarblast Wrote: [ -> ]Post.

Indeed, I love the recolours of it, they all look so awesome!

(Nov. 29, 2011  4:45 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]Post.

Luckily it wasn't a couple of hundred! I do think I may be the only UK person on the WBO who owns it haha.

(Nov. 29, 2011  4:45 PM)Evolution Wrote: [ -> ]Post.

It came to around 9000Y after fees, which compared to other prices I've seen wasn't too bad. (My wallet is still suffering as a result though... lol)

I need a job so I can spend rediculous amounts on spinning tops like you Blitz.
Seriously! It feels so good to own one of 3000 beys, in a world with a population of 7 billion +....
I wonder why would people actually go ahead to sell it!
P.S.- Will you sell it, Blitz? Tongue_out LOL! (The irony)
- No, that Red/Black recolor comes with some DVD. I forgot the name, though.
o then i had make a mistake it lake the same bey bat it was a lang time ago for my i am 15 years old and i hed like 30 plastic beys and a lat af lanchers
-killer1996, if you tell me you've got that bey...i'll be shock about that...

actually, once i've wondered that these beys(of course not mean those beys i made) released secretly....
and the people have them are the designers..... fancy only =p
you it can i heff a lot af beyblades and a heff a lot af the new whans bat the old beys are better
It wasn't ever realsed, there's no point in lying; and I highly doubt you got one made for you exactly like that.
yes i now i had it rong
(Nov. 30, 2011  5:03 PM)ikke-killer1996 Wrote: [ -> ]yes i now i had it rong
you have the cyber beys? share the photos with us !
wanna see the cybers, no matter the other's handmade products
He's saying he got the beyblade wrong Smile
Because ikke-killer1996 has horrible spelling for some reason.
hey kai-v i am vram the netherland i spreek dutch
And I am from Québec and I speak French.

This is off-topic. Just use a dictionary and Internet to write better, because your messages are sometimes unreadable.
now ia nat good at the english
Kai-V's saying just use a Dutch-English dictionary to improve your posts.
yes but is it boring toe doe that
Either improve your spelling or stop posting. This needs to be the last post on the matter, stop replying to this now, the decision is yours.

Get back on topic.

Decided to post 2 of my favorites MFB of all time no matter what. Pre HWS>4D they still my favorite Smile
I LOVE Pegasis! It's like my favorite metal anything in Beyblade! XD
I love the recoil so much. Eee
Metoo!!! Quezacoatl90WF vs Pegasis105F is the best uncustomized beyblade battle ever!! Soo much Ties, KO and recoil Eee
XD I've never seen a Quetz in battle (and if I have, I haven't seen much) I plan on getting one soon, along with a bunch of other beys. Eee
Also, I took a random photo of one of my earliest MFB - Storm Aquario. After I brasso'd the Metal Wheel.
Lol it looks hella beat up did you and Attila the Hun fight? xD I like beat up beys though, makes them looks more tougher.
Haha, yeah it's been through it's fair share of battles XD
I hate stickers on the face. I wish that there was a way to make stickers never worsen, or I'd put them on all of my beys. T^T
Clear nail-polish.