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(Sep. 22, 2009  7:39 PM)BlacK PhoeniX Wrote: [ -> ]dude how did u do it, it looks awesome
Just very carefully painted the underside of the L Drago Clear wheel black, because of the thickness of the clear plastic, it creates a smokey effect.
Thanks for the kind words all Smile
wow! haha
I was wondering If you ever used airbrush
I wish, really could do with one at some point or other.
Just doesn't seem worth it for how much I'd actually use it, airbrushes are relatively cheap, but it's all the extras that add up :\
That is really, really nice.
That's looks awesome now i feel like painting my LDrago lol
That's sick flight. It looks really cool.
sick as picture :3
Just received a small package from buzztoyshop's ebay.

[Image: buzztoyshop.jpg]
^ I assume you already have a shooter and stuff, right?
Yea, I have two bey launchers on the way, too. I also have a bb22 and a couple Pisces random boosters on the way.
The L Drago pic is awesome.
Cheers Smile
Yo! It's 00:32,I revised today's notes, rough day etc,etc.
Then, I got Synesthesia's Package from my mailbox.

New + Stuff from 2,5 weeks before; enjoy!! :3

[Image: 29092009659.jpg]

[Image: 29092009661.jpg]

[Image: 29092009660.jpg]

[Image: 29092009662.jpg]

[Image: 29092009663.jpg]
Nice! I love the Black Dragoon MF, Black Dranzer and Gabriel
Nice! Everything looks so good, especially the Black Dragoon MF and Red DEMS Grin
Black Dragoon MF is awesome!!!! XD
Weird, I could view the smokey L Drago image you put up the other day Ellz, but I can't see it now. Must be an issue with your account for some IP addresses at the moment.
Majorly weird...
Color scheme I tried yesterday: Gold Burning Kerberous and silver Voltaic ape

[Image: img1656.jpg]

[Image: img1659s.jpg]

Bleh all the mistakes made with spray cans makes me even more wanna learn how to master an air brush.
Probably going to give those as freebies xD
That double bearing core looks so nice and sharp (quite unlike my Hasbro BK...)
I'm totally loving Silver Voltaic Ape.
the kerberous is amazing
Love the color scheme Beynval!
Silver Voltaic Ape oomg

Great job on both of them Beynval!
whoa they r sick

where do you get the spray cans nyway Ican't find any

But,If ur giving them awy as freebies....