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Here is my Lightning L Dragoon.

Ha I printed off the same sticker.
Thanks for it btw.
(Oct. 23, 2010  2:00 PM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Ha I printed off the same sticker.
Thanks for it btw.

Your Welcome. Lol
My Collection Smile :

Heavy Metal System:

Metal Fight:
wow nice collection Galaxy. Lots of the plastics that I wanted when I was younger.
I was wondering, when I saw your MFB's, could you scan in those stickers please and post them on the sticker sheet thread. I really need the rock leone and dark bull stickers. thanks
Thank you very much!
I'll scan them asap! Wink
OMG that collection is sick. Also 2 grip attackers!
XD Thank you very much megablader2! Joyful_2
That collection dare I say if out of this Galaxy
Hihihihihih i'm very happy of your comments!!!Joyful_2
OMG the Cheese... Too much cheese!
Hah It was cheap pun I can admit that.
Lacerta Banner!
[Image: lacerta.png]
awesome job! Smile
all your photos are an inspiration to every blader out there!
Most of my plastic collection

Aries Banner! Smile
[Image: aries.png]
Another sick-looking banner, DGT.
(Nov. 10, 2010  9:38 PM)Ramdatta Wrote: [ -> ]Most of my plastic collection

Awesome Plastic. Im guessing most to all of them are Takara.
Awesome Banner DGT!
My 1st and favorite beyblade of all time Grin

[Image: 2yobtdu.jpg]
Wow that's a classic. Nice pic
(Nov. 10, 2010  9:38 PM)Ramdatta Wrote: [ -> ]Most of my plastic collection

Wow, nice collection. You have a lot of Beyblades there.

As i said that was most of my collection, but here is all of it.

[Image: dscf4824h.jpg]

Sick collection ramdatta
Hah that amazing is really good, so many good parts there too.
Lucky for us that he's selling most of them>< Also you really love Torch Pegasus don't you. And OMG Thunder Pegasus! Insanely rare! Only ever seen like one other one ever!