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Nice pics. Also I think that Thermal pisces should be made with a blue clear wheel cause it would look much better.
Awesome Pics, beynval. As usual Grin
Sweet pics of the hws reshuffle set beyblades beynval.
Great pics Beynval! That clear RF looks awesome! Grin
omg there gorgeous beynval your lucky :[
wow really nice pictures. Tongue_out
if you ever use that uriel 2 it will shatter into a million pieces
Lol Very nice Uriel 2 Pinching_eyes
Awesome blades especially uriel 2
Just make sure to use the Uriel 2 with Defense Ring or Cross Survivor. The SPs are what can destroy the base.
Really nice DrigerGT, that Virgo clear wheel is amazing
holy stinking %^& DrigerGT
Holy $^%#!!!!!!!!!
Oh god, they look so good.
Soon I'll post other pics on my blog, I'm so excited of Earth Virgo... XD

EDIT: Here the other pics
.... professional photographer right there :o
So I got a new phone and experimenting with the camera for clarity and everything:

[Image: IMG00011-20100111-1940.jpg]
haha me and driger gt got our intoy packages the same day! only i just got burn phoenix though Wink Earth Virgo is beautiful man! congrats!

you should definately battle those two in a vid...
Virgo is the best looking Clear Wheel in a long time.

However, I won't forgive TT for re-using a Metal Wheel on a Booster prize.
Earth Virgo and Burn look amazing.

btw DrigerGT, I love the banner on your blog - with L. L Drago in the snow <3
(Jan. 12, 2010  3:34 AM)Aqua Wrote: [ -> ]Earth Virgo and Burn look amazing.

btw DrigerGT, I love the banner on your blog - with L. L Drago in the snow <3

i agree!!
that banner is so awesome :o
Thanks to all! Smile Did you noticed I love make beyblade photos? lol XD

P.s. I'll make a vid quite soon, I hope...I think a "Burn Phoenix VS Earth Virgo" match would be too banal.
Give me suggestions in the Video Thread Wink I wait.
I can't belive that you were lucky enough to actually get Earth Virgo in one of the booster I just wish I was lucky.