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Bearing Gyros

1200!? I'LL KILL YOU

I still don't have one.
I wish I got one from some random lot, but jyu-whatshisface kept outbidding me. I think I'll find the nerves eventually to test it out and such.
My MFB collection(most, some are in showcases instead, too afraid to break)(I had to stop playing with hms beyblade at the age of 9 because I broke way too much of them). so here
*picks up damaged aires wheel* anywone wantz aiwes?
I got them from sponsoring for beyblade at various locations. My libra went dead due to its wheel cracking(one of the square block thingies was knocked out), bottom splitting in half, and with the track gone to nowhere. Only the face survived Tired

And my beypointer:
that's a lot of damn points

learn to resize images though
That's a nice collection Smile
Didn't notice G's bearing gyros, haha. Thats probly the best in the lot, too. Also, great MFB happyeric, but I can't believe you broke one already. Be more careful?
Here is one of Wolf, (excuse the quality, phone pictures XD) and some other stuff I had lying about.
kickin collection Giga, I shall post my collection up probably next week when I go home to get the camera.
Not all of it just some stuff that was lying around. Taking more photos now
Get a takara stadium dude(unless u have one). But ya, awesome collection. I'm jealous of that spark knight (though it aint the clear one), master dranzer, and dranzer s (mine is the pf one and it has no stickers, it looks rather boring).
Lol the Dranzers broken Unhappy AR snapped. As you can see in one of these photos. Also I have a Takara stadium but it's in the garrage with some other stuff. More space in there see.
I see, sux that u got so many broke parts. =(
Sucks that your Dranzer AR broke but at least with MFB, the parts won't be breaking as easily Wink

Btw you should use a better camera.
Yeah like I said, twas on my phone. I'l take some better snaps in the morning

Also a little Bit chip I created using the BBA customize grip sticker.
[Image: FullShot.jpg]
My current MFB collection (Not pictured is my 2nd Leone from the Reshuffle set)
[Image: CloseUp.jpg]
Close up of the blades.
[Image: ThreeShooters.jpg]
And three generations of shooters with grips. Now why can't the MFB Launcher Grip have a trigger? I need a trigger!
I did not feel like waiting to get home and upload my pics so I decided to bombard you with pics from my sub par webcam that I have at residence. Sorry about the lighting, the desk was the only place to take the shots, but without the light they would come out ridiculously dark.

My Plastic Collection (Whatever is left of it after my Hiatus from beyblade)
[Image: Picture19.jpg]

My HMS Collection (blades that are in use)
[Image: Picture20.jpg]

An extra open Wolborg MS and DGMS (I dunno why I had opened them seeing as I am not going to use them until my current ones break)
[Image: Picture21.jpg]

[Image: Picture23.jpg]

My launchers (grips which include my modified marksman grip)
[Image: Picture24.jpg]

Some Random carp that was left over
[Image: Picture16.jpg]

Entire shot without Random carp (the two felt cases store the unused Wolborg MS and DGMS until they are needed)
[Image: Picture26.jpg]

Just as a note this does not include a couple unopened HMS I have at home (Samurai Changer, Jiraya MS, and Wolborg MS). Also the blade that looks like a master Draciel is a Draciel F with a Master Draciel AR. I had lost the rest of the parts so I slapped them together.
I'l take hq photos later. Including my homemade Takara style stadium (before I had a real one)
Here they are
If I may ask Giga, was that a clear Hasbro stadium you cut up?
Yeah itwas just sitting there doing nothing so I thought wth
A picture of Gallzly
All you guys got really awesome day i will have more than 5 beyblades (maybe 110? =P)....then i can totally iceburn all you guys XD
(Feb. 14, 2009  6:00 PM)Dranzer Wrote: [ -> ]All you guys got really awesome day i will have more than 5 beyblades (maybe 110? =P)....then i can totally iceburn all you guys XD

Maybe so, but you sure as hell won't be able to ice burn bradXD I like my smallish collection, its manageable, and not having everything you want keeps the game interesting (dammit I need a Driger V2 and another DGMS)
Try the inToy, they have Random Booster Act 2 (HMS)
(Feb. 14, 2009  7:36 PM)Giga Wrote: [ -> ]Try the inToy, they have Random Booster Act 2 (HMS)

For some reason I cannot access the site, but from what I remember they were not cheap, especially to ship to Canada. I would much rather start getting MFB and just reduce how much I use my HMS. Or Maybe I could put my spare Jiraya up for Trade...but hopefully the next time I post pics up there shall be a Pegasus in there.