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My collection looks awful compared to Khels, LMAO

[Image: th_DSCF3331.jpg]

[Image: th_DSCF3336.jpg]

BFFL lol

[Image: th_DSCF3347.jpg]
Unhappy I So Want That L Drago Beyblade.. the one in Khels post [#664] and one of those beylaunchers. god i wish i could use ebay or paypal. T-T
(Jul. 22, 2009  6:33 AM)jsc Wrote: [ -> ]Dang Khel, Id love to have that much. How many launchers do you have though?

Apart from the one's listed I have a Storm Peg Beylauncher still in that plastic wrap and an unopened dark blue beylauncher. I also have one more Right launcher.

This is excluding the two beylaunchers included in the 2 NIB storm Pegasis.
*puppy dog eyes* I want LDrago as my 1st Mfb it looks awesome. Uncertain not to mention i need a new beylauncher oh well i can wait until 2010 Speechless Then again. no i cant T-T lol
L-Drago really isn't that great. It's pretty average.
So. Pinching_eyes_2 At least it be better then my Galman blade. XD
Plus i really want it. lol
Only a small collection, but I do love it
[Image: smallcollection.jpg]
Flight Face looks sweet.
Dark Leone custom loks amazing.
nice collection. Tongue_out
I got a smaller collection........... 1 Galman Blade. Pinching_eyes_2 lol
It's Mad Leone. And yes I agree it is slick
^ Ah yeah, I commented on it before actually. How did you do it, Ellz?
I still like Bloody Libra :3
Giga: Same way I did Saw Libra really, just not quite as extreme looking.
Painted the light wheel black, and then dry brushed silver on to it.
That Flight Face looks awesome.
I find it funny how Giga and Flight say small collection when I only have two MFB. XD Which will build sooner or later. Nice pics though and the flight face looks really awesome on the storm Pegasis blade. Joyful_3
man nice job flightyellz. First time i looked at it I thought it was a dark wheel.


Taken from my phone if anyone is curious as to the drop in picture quality.
^Whoah ho... I think it looks better when it's chipped like that.

Nice, really love the rusty Libra

Gah dangit... just when i wanted to take some pictures, my camera died >.>
Heavenly cool looking Blade, must get one some time. You get it from buying the game right?
yep it's $60 for the blade and it comes with a promo game.
Scratch off the paint some more and you'll have a Regular Quetz virtually :3
(Jul. 23, 2009  6:59 PM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]yep it's $60 for the blade and it comes with a promo game.

I think it is suppose to be the other way around but I would rather pay that for the Beyblade instead anyway. XD
twas a joke man

Referring to the fact that no one actually bought MFB DS for the actual game.