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Oh, my dear black dragoon MS :_(
Hope you ll enjoy it Grin
OMG you sold it i thought you would be able to let go of it !
lolwut! why would you get rid of one of those? anyway I found my camera! yay! I can take pics now!
I got bored and i took those pictures, if anyone can explain me how to put pictures directly without using links,i ll be happy
Click on the image, then click "Embed this image", and select the text under "Forum". Copy that into your post, and take out "Uploaded with" and the URL code if you so desire.

It should end up like this:

The bit chip sticker on the Black Dragoon S looks sick.
"Armed Dragoon", hah.
@ Ultrablader
Yeah that s why I got a close picture of it.Personally the ones i like the most are blue grip attacker , silver dragoon V and LDD gold ver
Blue Grip Attacker is so so cool.
I knew there is reason i bought black dragoon, is your special or did it come with it. Ive got some bit stickers packs coming aswell so it might be on that . Nice pics.
As I have mentioned before, I am an "official" TRU beyblade "champion" now which means absolutely nothing, so afterwards they gave the stuff away that they didn't have to keep (TRU), so I got an Earth Virgo GB145 BS recolor, the second set of images are my favorite custom for GP URS.
(Sep. 07, 2011  1:57 PM)Gianmarco.93 Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you, this should work

Those are beautiful o:
Rai any chance of seeing venus ??
I wanna see too! also my camera ran out of batteries... but I swear on my life I WILL POST A PICTURE OF MY CUSTOM BEYBLADE!
Oh, you wanna see my Venus? I'll post some later tonight, can right now ATM, school :c
you're at school? lol jks but I really want to see that...
Yeah. I'll post some later tonight though!
Heck if I'm bored enough, I might take some of others lol.
Yeah, I don't have many rare beys so I customize them instead and make them unique, also what other beys do you have you would photograph? Phantom fox?
Hmm i think im gonna take a few more pics tom, what d you guys wanna see in plastics ?
I'd like to see the poseidon AR spinning
(Sep. 07, 2011  8:22 PM)poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm i think im gonna take a few more pics tom, what d you guys wanna see in plastics ?

Rares lol..!!!! Na jk bro but ya take ones of the expensive and rares!! Errr I bet u got alot Of awesome beys if u got like random booster prize beys that would be awesome!!!!!! Smile Smile

ya ya ya take pics of the Venus I want to see it..!!