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(May. 16, 2009  3:59 PM)Emudbest Wrote: [ -> ]here

You need to give us a link =D.
Stop with da effects D:
Realized I haven't posted a pic yet:
MY collection has grown since then but I don't have my camera on me.
everybody go back a page and check out my pic's.and nice collection Giga

We only want to see your collection. Inverting pictures in some cases looks carp.
so you dont like it?
(May. 16, 2009  4:56 PM)Emudbest Wrote: [ -> ]so you dont like it?

It's kind of hard to see with the effects that you added...
I like the third one

But it wouldn't hurt to ease up on the effects. No biggie though.
thnx Khel,and guys remeber this was done on my phone
(May. 16, 2009  5:06 PM)Emudbest Wrote: [ -> ]thnx Khel,and guys remeber this was done on my phone

There was still no need for effects using a camera phone.
ok,gotta remember not to use effects.might take some more photos tommorow of dranzer ms,dranzer mf,and dranzer gt clashin exactly the same time.
well here's 2 more that i took earlier today,didnt upload them because i didnt like them but maybe you guys will?
They're both not bad at all Smile
Definitely better; we can now see your rare Dranzer MF Smile
My super small beyblade collection:
(May. 16, 2009  5:48 PM)Nuno Wrote: [ -> ]My super small beyblade collection:

My collection is smaller than that and in worse condition lol.
Nice collection and picture!
thnx,well gues im gonna make mor like this.oh and i actualy have about 4dranzer MF's,i wanted to buy one but there was only a sale for 4 on yja.1 of them isnt even opened.
Nuno that colection might be small but the blades are in good condition and are good blades to,not to mention any name's"DEMS"lol.and its a decent sized collection when you look at it.
That collection is bigger than my HMS, Plastics, and MFB together...
(May. 14, 2009  6:03 PM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, didn't quite understand what you are saying.

I`m just glad for you!!! At us they still are not present on sale - I learn to write correctly in English not long///
So I got my TWO packages from MOJ today. It took me thirty minutes to haul those things home. I live one parking lot away from the post office. It. Was. Epic. Here are the pictures. Click to enlarge.

[Image: th_P5170028.jpg]
Two beauties and a dork. Oh hell yeah~!

[Image: th_P5170029.jpg]

[Image: th_P5170030.jpg]

[Image: th_P5170032.jpg]

[Image: th_P5170036.jpg]

[Image: th_P5170037.jpg]
Sweet Zeus' Beard!!!! I've never seen that many boxed beyblades that weren't on shelves in a shop!

was the first thing that ran through my mind.

*Lunges at Quetz, Storm Peg and a couple RBV lights*
(May. 19, 2009  4:11 PM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]Daaaaamn!

was the first thing that ran through my mind.
lol beyporn xD

First thing that ran through my head when I saw this: "How the hell am I going to carry this home?"

First thing I thought of after opening: "mineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemine"
I laughed when i saw the size of the boxes..... then i stopped laughing when i saw all the blades
Damn thats a lot of nice stuff!
So jealous of Quetz and Storm Peg's Tongue_out
holy carp!

You've got enough Storm Pegasis to last forever there.
Second amendment: right to bear arms.

Oh, I got my armoury right here, baby. Cool