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currently working on this, tuned by myself
as i cant find a scan of this ice blue ver. wolborg ms

[Image: AXvBH.jpg]

quite like LA Lakers style though lol
My new arrival, today! Lacerta?

Is that a keychain?

The toughest Beyblade..that's it, hah.
Yes, this is one of the new wave of Keychain-series Beyblades, next to a full-size Thermal Lacerta WA130HF.
Toughest Beyblade in the world.

A Keychain! XD

I'm going to have to get a keychain Bey myself. I might just get SP.

So tiny...
The wave that was included with Thermal Lacerta was Gravity Destroyer, Grand Cetus, Ray Striker, Rock Zurafa, and Galaxy Pegasis.
I was talking about Storm Pegasus. I believe they had one..

Those keychains rock.
I know what you meant, I was just letting you know what the wave consisted of, in case you might prefer one of those over Storm Pegasis.

The launcher for Thermal Lacerta is a nauseating lime green color...
They have launchers for them?

Hm...sounds more like a puke color...

I might like Gravity Perseus better, but Storm Pegasis has the RF Smile

You might want to just scrap the lime green color.
The tips are all plastic, so it doesn't really matter.
Lol I thought at first it was a photoshopped pic; minimizing Thermal Lacerta but then, I noticed the Launcher slots were thinner and the CW was not as bulk. Nice purchase too! I'm kind of excited to see the keychain Hades Kerbecs! Lol, that'd be awesome.

I could see it happening. Cool stuff, I never really liked Thermal Lacerta but the Facebolt is pretty niiiiiice.
Launching these things is hideously awkward, I should point out. The launcher is really unwieldy and the ripcords are a very soft plastic.

The "facebolt" is just a hexagonal shape with a sticker on it, btw.
Damn...LDD xD I waited for 8months to get my hand on this one but it worth it, best looking for me so far
No, no, no!!!
I do not wish to see that picture, but I can't help it! I find that quite beautiful.
But, I do not want to get my hands upon "yet another L Drago". Crying
But yeah, that looks cool!
Wow nice pics, love the GT's! Love love bloody devil's aesthetics!
Yo, Those are some sweet pic's LJD9(I'ma call you this for short.)! Grin I soo jelly of the Bloody Devil MS haha, It's tight! Tongue_out
I'd prefer LJA9 if anything haha - but thank you very much! Smile Bloody Devil MS now belongs to sza3!
went to middleman's office and took these

[Image: 6729738545_01f0e2cfbb.jpg]

hahaha i hv an extra GT sticker
but i dun any extra dragoon GTs!!!
- Wow! I am loving Slash Riger and the Gold Driger MS. Too good!
Zeus though, seems quite beaten up... Just replace those stickers and ohmygawd! That is a beautiful bey!
How it's possible to get Sharkcrash? it's not even released. But I love it though. ha. Btw, planning to make Wild Fox out of a few random beys as I saw foxy or which user posted a picture of it before. If you are interested in asking me to make you one, you can PM me, I might charge a small $10 fee for the hard work.
Leone came in today! I have some very not-so-good pictures, Tongue_out_wink
First pic, is Leone from the top:
This is of my new favorite combo, MF-H Leone BD145RF (don't ask, haha)
Haha, the combo looks actually really cool!
Looks like it's in Boost Mode, haha.
Can't wait to get myself a Leone - I've been focusing on the worse MS beys XD