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I put the stickers on mine, I liked them.
(Aug. 20, 2009  1:41 PM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]Nice!

But why the stickers?

I used to assemble my blades without their stickers applied but now, stickers look good to me and when they wear off, I can always take them off with my special technique (leaves no sticky stuff on the parts) Tongue_out
More Bey for your Viewing Pleasure. :3

Valentin's order came in today.

[Image: 24082009607.jpg]

Val's little surprise :3

[Image: 24082009617.jpg]


[Image: 24082009613.jpg]

Experienced Gundam builder can cut pieces better than before.

[Image: 24082009612.jpg]

All Done!

[Image: 24082009614.jpg]

Here's the reason why my MFB hype came back.
MF Quetzalcoatl 90WF and MF Pegasis 105F.

[Image: 24082009619.jpg]

[Image: 24082009623.jpg]

I'm so impulsive. Grin
why MF on quetz?
Man I don't even remember what a shiny gold quetz looks like XD. Here is mine as of today.

Taken on my cell phone

[Image: HPIM0021.jpg]

[Image: HPIM0023.jpg]
That looks pretty awesome actually.
It does.

That is the definition of battle scarred MFB XD
(Aug. 30, 2009  10:22 PM)Synesthesia Wrote: [ -> ]That looks pretty awesome actually.

That's what I thought when I saw it yesterday haha
The Quetz doesn't look bad at all.
Clay Aries: With Camera Phone

[Image: DSC00098.jpg]

[Image: DSC00095.jpg]

[Image: DSC00099.jpg]

I tried to take a video of my spinning ED145 with my finger, but my phone felt like sucking and didn't send it to my email.
it looks... glittery?"
That's mainly because it's directly beneath a desk lamp lol.
Ahaha, that Clear Wheel gets better every time I see it. :]

But Face Stickers are so eurgh; am I spotting a bit of wear already?
I love the Aries clear wheel XD

btw how's ED145?
(Aug. 31, 2009  11:33 PM)♥ Wrote: [ -> ]Ahaha, that Clear Wheel gets better every time I see it. :]

But Face Stickers are so eurgh; am I spotting a bit of wear already?

That was my fault, but the one I put on my other Metal Face came out much better :]

Quote:I love the Aries clear wheel

btw how's ED145?

Haven't gotten around to testing it.
(Aug. 07, 2009  9:57 PM)Beynval Wrote: [ -> ]Get ready for some beyporn, even I have never seen, that much bey in my whole entire 16 years of life0_

WOWOWOWO, again, ''small boxes'' smaller and easier to lift than I thought!
[Image: img0656v.jpg] [Image: w640.png]

[Image: img0665f.jpg] [Image: w640.png]
Man there was no way i could fit everything i got so i just made a big mountain out of the stuff i got LOL. I dont know if u realize how much bey that is BUT THATS NEAR 300 BEYBLADES JHFDSJKGHDSFJGS. WUT. LOL. didnt knew i bought THAT much.
awesome got 21 gundam modelsGrin (fg and hg, getting practice for MG)
Beybrad when will i have a bigger collection that u?!
*more beyporn to come.
Done for beyblade stuff for summer, i will get my next big order at xmas xD
This made me droool man I need some more beyblades. You definitely have alotttttt
man i wish i had a quetz
Tempestas007: Clay Aries looks so pretty in those pictures Cute I want it. Pinching_eyes_2 lmao, the clear wheel looks like crystal in the 1st one. Chocked_2 haha.
The Terrible Wear of my Stickers lol

L LDrago 105HF Terrible Face wear
[Image: 1000031tjj.jpg][Image: w640.png]

S Pegasis100RF

Again Face Sticker Wear
[Image: 1000036t.jpg][Image: w640.png]
Metal Wheel Sticker Wear

[Image: 1000037t.jpg][Image: w640.png]

Idk lol I just felt posting pictures of my terrible stickers. I gonna get a Metal Face soon anyway and I have an extra pair of stickers anyway
Decided to post this here since it sort of fit into more than one thread.

I just got a new case to store my MFB ( or any other bey). Works pretty nice. The compartments come out and I can shift them around.

[Image: P1010199.jpg]

[Image: P1010200.jpg]

[Image: P1010201.jpg]
Awesome case where you get it?
Canadian Tire.
O well what's it called cause I don't live in Canada Lol I may get it from home depot
The brand is Mastercraft, but that is a Canadian Tire exclusive brand.

I'm sure any place that sells tools will have something similar. These things are normally used for nuts bolts, etc. They just happened to fit beyblades very well.
Really nice case, I like it a lot.