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Im selling a Dragoon V if any one is intrested..? Smile
You should make a selling thread.
I haven't got a camera + you need pictures + a piece of paper with your name on it. how much is Dragoon V worth?
take pictures somehow. If not, forget selling it.
That all depends on the wear.
(Dec. 29, 2011  6:59 PM)DeviRules Wrote: [ -> ]Im selling a Dragoon V if any one is intrested..? Smile

(Dec. 29, 2011  7:04 PM)DeviRules Wrote: [ -> ]I haven't got a camera + you need pictures + a piece of paper with your name on it. how much is Dragoon V worth?

Neither of these things belong here.

If you cannot take pictures, you cannot sell on the WBO.
Oh y'all got some very nice bey's roux, and dio! Grin keep on getting some great deals! y'alls collections both consist of many rare's! Smile
My venusian G lot camein today..
i share with my here it goes.. Smile
Oh man...
Just look at Venusian G... It looks so different in comparison to Appolon, yet I get confused... XD
Good buy, Ben-Ben!
Very nice hadi!! Grin that Venusian looks just amazing! Smile that PF Driger S also looks pretty nice too, along with DZGT! Cute in other words very good purchase hadi!! Grin
somehow..its concept looks quite similar to me..four headed beast on the AR...XD the different is the 'head' haha

luckily the stickers is still in good condition..XD the venusian g is my golden target inthe lot...(now that leaves me
only poseidon to hunt)
also..i forgot to mention the strongest blader set that i won from the face cntest; space theme beyblade design..hehe
Man! And you'll soon post a picture of the Beat Lynx you won recently. Joyful_2
About the picture- The HMS look amazing as always! Forgot to mention that.
yeah..definitely i will jan..i little apreciation from for WBO who sponsored the prizes.. Grin
thanks guys..
Nice haul Benjo! Smile Congratulation on winning the contest Smile

Knight Driger Jumping Base XD
eye soaring pics beyond the Knight Dranzer Jumping Base pic..hahahha XD
wolborg 4 blue...dragoon gt's...oh..i want it
I got that Knight Dranzer jumping base like that. I'm not sure if that was released like thatSmile
W-W-W-WOW....!!! Chocked_2 those DGGT's look.....FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gasp you have all of them already rigt? Well except the Black Version? Oh and the Silver and Bronze Version's, but you had those two right, you just sold them?
I hope I'm wrong..... But I have a feeling Hasbro may never release VariAres....

Or they'll be as Dan called it, blunted everything (aka Round Circle with pretty designs) and rubber-edged, hah.

Well, they expect people to be super safe anyways, like letting a bey spin out and then picking it up, so they may overlook it. However, soccer moms may come-a-calling, and change it.

Anyways, ouch.
Seeing that picture will guarantee I never make that mistake.
The first little knick was on my ring finger, and I said to my son,"Vari Ares just got me" next launch he got me even better, on the middle finger... LOL!! I think he's tired of practicing! HAHA!
Plastics used to do very similar things, actually, so I wouldn't call it entirely nill, haha.
Cyber Dragoon AR has to be the most dangerous attack ring ever. It left a welt on my palm when I still had it.....
Whale Attacker left some pretty huge welts on me back in the day, and I was once cut by a Trygle, I think? Across the knuckle.

With a hard launch, it was rarely safe to pick plastics up bare-handed. Cracked one of my fingernails that way, too, on what I think was a Dranzer V(I think?) AR.
I think the worst I've gotten was some minor bruising.. I can't recall any cuts or gashes.

I cut one of my friend's hands when he stuck his hand down as I launched my Driger S, once, too, but that is not an ordinary battle situation, so not typical to the example.

Skinning knuckles and welts are definitely very possible, though, especially for children.