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Country: Hong Kong (香港) Registration Date: Jun. 01, 2010

I have been playing beys since 90's owning Griffolyon, Trygle and some TT fake beys lol. Huge fun having a sparkling WD assembled! I played with friends in painting class also and got punished because of it xD Didn't play till 2009 as I found people playing in the street AGAIN! Finally found that I have missed HMS series completely but totally love that up to now! Bought a RB and got a DEMS AR! That's the key part for me as the winning combo. So here's my combination beating beys in other gens. (You can also find the videos in Youtube) AR: Circle Upper (DEMS) WD: Circle Wide RC: Grip Flat Core (MSUV) Stopped bidding the beys from 2013 aaprox. but have been back on track in Oct 2016. Mostly collect the NIB plastic beys but purchased a Mercury Anubis 85XF as well xD Recent purchase: Bearing Gyro Magical Layer A-8, Earth Aquila Mitsuya Cider Ver, Rares from Burst RBV1/3/4 and Random Layer 2~4, Amaterios (Original/Black), Baldur, Deathscyther in all colors.....etc. Although I no longer put the old beys into battles, I still have a lot of stickers which can fulfill needs that replacing the original ones. Printing stickers has been a great idea of dio, another member here. We placed bids on YJA but some of the beys didn't have stickers fixed or the stickers were worn. So we searched, scanned and printed the stickers. I also do editing/designing works of bit beasts which was also motivated by dio. I'm collecting Burst beys recently though I said I want interested in it. I found Amaterios and Bladur a must to get but I have lost 12 battles for nothing. Increasing the size of my Burst bey collection I have to "kick" some old beys out. So please feel free to read my post.

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