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Country: Registration Date: Feb. 06, 2011 Birthday: Nov. 26, 1996 (27 years old)

Hello There good sir, it seems you've stumbled across my WBO account, well, let me tell you some things about myself shall I... I started Blading during the plastics Era, after it started to die down around HMS, I started to lose interest, but my mother bought me a Super Vortex Set last year and since I've been hooked! My favourite beyblades are Driger V2 from the plastics, Slash Riger MS and Phantom Fox MS from HMS, and Vulcan Horuseus from MFB! Anyone from Northern Ireland (Omagh and Strabane area specifically), if you want to get a battle or tourney going shoot me a PM, I've been dying for some people to play with! Well, thank you for reading this, and if I offend you with any of my posts, please do not get mad, if I do then I apologize but I am trying to help the community as much as possible!

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