Toronto Burst Classic Tournament Report: IT'S TIME TO RIP IT! AGAIN – 5/4/19

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May 4, 2019 at Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Toronto’s Second Beyblade Burst Classic Tournament

On May 4th, 2019 I hosted the Toronto Beyblade community’s second ever Burst Classic tournament, aptly named … “IT’S TIME TO RIP IT! AGAIN” after our first one at the end of march.

The key difference for this event was our test unbanning of all Dash Drivers. Up until now only Xtreme’ and Hunter’ have been legal for Burst Classic Format, so we wanted to take the chance to try it out in a real tournament so that we could better evaluate how they fit into the metagame.

Because of this very specific unbanning and how large our events in Toronto have been lately, I intentionally posted this one just a week before to try and control the size of the crowd. Thankfully, it worked and we pulled in 16 players, a perfect number for this type of experimental event.

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However, on the morning of the event the weather wasn’t looking so great, so I was forced to push back the start time by an hour because we were playing at Dufferin Grove Park for the first time this year, which does not really have available cover. It was still raining a bit off an on when I arrived, but thankfully by the time we started at 1PM, the conditions had started to clear up. It seems like we just can’t catch a break lately … the weather is always bad at our events this year so far haha.

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The Metagame

With 16 players we had to run Group Round Robin, so while I didn’t get a chance to observe much of what was happening in Group B, I can comment on what I observed in Group A and the Final Stage:

After 1234beyblade’s dominant, flawless performance with Victory Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme’ at IT’S TIME TO RIP IT!, this combination was top of mind for many players in this event. Justin TC in particular used it for most of his matches and won a few of them, but wasn’t able to earn a spot in the finals.

henwooja1 used Xcalibur Heavy Xtreme’ for a few of his matches and did well, but he also lost some strange ones using it to things like NiallI’s Inferno Ifrit Oval Defense.

I used V2.H.X’ for my match against jamie and was able to defeat his Deathscyther Heavy Defense pretty cleanly 3-0. Felt good haha. It’s crazy to think back on how omnipresent DHD was back in the day. Xtreme’ is amazing, but you need to invest in practicing and be confident with it in order to maximize your returns.

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After a mediocre performance at our first BSC event, Newtype piloted his Wb.Y.Et straight to a second place finish! However, I think part of the reason he was able to do that is because he was somehow able to avoid things like A2, D, O for most of the tournament.

Dragoon Fantom
Dragoon Fantom was really hit and miss for those that used it at this event. Kyleren in my group used Df.G.R for all of his matches and went 2-4, and I think henwooja1 was able to win a match using a Df.Polish.Bearing … but generally speaking it did not seem consistent. I think people still need to experiment more with what exactly the optimal set up and match ups are for it.

But, it’s defense is pretty pitiful overall and I remember Justin TC beating one with his V2.H.X’.

At our first BSC event, I was able to win several matches with Deathscyther, but my run abruptly came to an event in the final round of Swiss when I lost 3-1 to Toxic Cheeto’s G2.G.T, which surprisingly has an offensive upside.

So, I was a bit more careful this time with how and when I deployed it and was pretty successful. It is definitely the best Stamina Layer in BSC, as I mentioned previously.

However, it is still susceptible to Attack and my only loss of the event came 3-2 against henwooja1’s X.H.X’.

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Gigant Gaia/Gaianon G2
I believe that MDK Shady made use of Gaianon G2 in his group as he had it in his deck for both of his matches in the finals, but other than this the presence of Gigant Gaia or Gaianon G2 definitely declined compared to our first BSC event, which I found a little bit strange because while it was certainly not invincible, it still found success last time.

The Impact of Newly Unbanned Dash Drivers
The unbanning of all Dash Drivers for this event meant that the following were now legal for use. I’ve added comments based on what I saw if they were used, or if they weren’t seen at all (in my group at least):

  • Accel’: Not used.
  • Blow’: Not used.
  • Fusion’: Not used.
  • Merge’: I believe NiallI used this in one match on like Spriggan and was able to win against Justin TC. I do think that this Driver could be useful for defense or countering stallers because it is faster than Xtreme’.
  • Destroy’: Not used.
  • Reboot’: Not used.
  • Volcanic’: Not used.
  • Zephyr’: I utilized Z’ on O.Y.Z’ and was very successful. I was able to counter Justin TC’s V2.H.X’ and NiallI’s B2.B.H’ in the first stage, as well as BladerBeast’s V.H.X’ and Newtype’s Wb.Y.Et in the finals. I lost one round with it against BladerBeast’s A2.K.R by OS. It’s strong against attack types (although it is worth mentioning that I’m not sure my opponents with X’ stalled well themselves when playing against me), can OS lower tier stamina types, and can potentially KO stamina types in general since Odin does have a slight offensive upside and doesn’t lean over too early and too much when banked like some other Layers do on things like Z’.
  • Zeta’: I used Z2.G.Zt’ against Newtype in one round. I thought he was gonna go with Wb.Y.Et, but he used Roktavor Heavy Variable … so it was quite a matchup hahaha. I was able to squeak out a 3-2 victory. Zt’ is pretty interesting for BSC because you can pair it with a Layer like Z2 which has both decent stamina and attack and either burst or OS certain combos if you have the right matchup. However, as my match with Newtype indicated, it is dicey using it against Attack types.
  • Hold': As mentioned above, NiallI used B2.B.H’ against me, but I was able to defeat it with O.Y.Z’.
  • Quick': Not used. However, I did test with it the night before on V2 and it was doing pretty well. It’s a bit more controllable than X’ without being too slow like Hn’ can be sometimes.

So, while we did not see all of the Dash Drivers used, my overall impression is that while they obviously are useful, Dash Drivers did not seem overwhelmingly powerful to me and I think it’s worth keeping them unbanned for at least one more experimental event.


And of course, thank you as always to everyone to who helped to run this event!:

@[OldSchool™], @[Justin TC], @[JesseObre], @[MDK Shady], @[Newtype], and @[henwooja1].

And thank you as well to @[originalzankye] for his generous donation of prizes!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to post below!

Winning Combinations

1st: Kei
Acid Anubis Gravity Revolve
Deathscyther Heavy Revolve
Odin Yell Zephyr’
Zillion Zeus Gravity Zeta’
Victory Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme’

2nd: @[Newtype]
Wolborg Yell Eternal

3rd: @[BladerBeast]
Acid Anubis Knuckle Revolve
Dragoon Fantom Yell Eternal
Odin Knuckle Revolve (Deck Format Finals Only)

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