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Country: United States Registration Date: Jul. 29, 2012 Age: (22 years old) Aug. 15, 1996

Huge fan of Metal Fight Beyblade and Burst—both the toylines and the anime. I began my Beyblade career in the summer of 2012 and was an active member of the Connecticut Beyblade community from April 2013- December 2014. I returned from a two year competitive hiatus in November 2017 and am currently an active host in the Virginia area. In addition to being a WBO Organized Play Contributor, I run the Beyblade Nation Discord server (Link here: https://discord.gg/dgQW8tE) and cohost the monthly podcast Beyblade Meta Madness (Link here: http://www.podcasts.com/beyblade-meta-madness-44, also available on iTunes and Google Play). Disclaimer: I play by the rules, but I'm not afraid of being candid. Try to view my opinions objectively; what I say isn't a reflection of my personal opinion of you.

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