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Country: United States Registration Date: Jun. 30, 2019

Help everyone! As you probably know I'm SS2 Blader and this is a bit about me! I started blading in September of 2017 whit one bey Omni Odoax O2. I Found out about beyblade By When I was watching troll-hunters on Netflix and it popped up next to the next episode section. One day I finally got the courage to click on that box and that's when my very long addiction started. in April of 2018 I got my first TT beyblade Killer Deathcyther. I really wanted to join the WBO in 2018 cause I found out about tournaments. I had no Idea about how to activate my profile so I technically have 2 accounts. I recently Got back into beyblade at around episode 40 of sparking (a pretty bad time if u ask me) and since the pandemic has hit, their have been no tournaments around my area. My Top 5 Favorite Anime/TV Shows Are 1. Beyblade 2.Naruto/Boruto 3. My hero academia 4 Yu-Gi-Oh! (and yes I play it!) My Top 5 Favorite Beys Are 1. Master Diabolos 2. Tempist Dragon 3. Brave Valkyrie 4.Spriggan Requiem 5. World Spriggan

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