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Country: United States Registration Date: Jul. 01, 2018 Age: (11 years old) Aug. 29, 2007

IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ME, MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS D & B'S FUN STUFF: MY DISCORD SERVER: Member of Team BeyFlare Things I Need: B-77 Beylogger Plus Tournament History: 1.Common Pickle's Birthday Bey Party-7/15/18-Merwood Park, Havertown, PA- Place: 4th Place | Hosted by: Ardmore Bladers 2.CRASH-8/19/18-FDR Park Philadelphia, PA- Place: 10th Place | Hosted by: Wombat 3.BURN-8/19/18-FDR Park Philadelphia, PA- Place: last place (I lost all my matches) | Hosted by: Wombat 4. Hyper Xeno & Beastmode104's Birthday Bey Bash-10/13/18-Paddock Park, Havertown, PA- Place: 3rd place | Hosted by Ardmore Bladers 5. Happy Burstsgiving- 11/25/18- Freeport Fitness Solutions, Freeport, NY- Place: 5th Place Tie | Hosted by Kjrules17 6. Beyblade Battle Of The Big 4- 4/20/19- Merwood Park, Havertown, PA- Place: 2nd Place | Hosted By NatedogPhilly 7. Beigoma Blues - 5/25/19- FDR Park, Philadelphia, PA- Place: 1st Place | Hosted By Wombat

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