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Country: United States Registration Date: Jul. 01, 2018 Age: (12 years old) Aug. 29, 2007

My YT Channel: My Discord Server: Member of East Coast Cosmos Things I'm looking for: B-153 GT Customize Set Dead Hades Long Beylauncher LR Cho-Z Achilles Judgement Base Odin (TT) Orpheus 02 (Hasbro) Anubion A2 (Hasbro) Xtreme' Accel' Around Keep/Keep' Ratchet Yell Quick' Tournament History: 1. Common Pickle's Birthday Bey Party-7/15/18-Merwood Park, Havertown, PA- Place: 4th Place | Hosted by: Ardmore Bladers 2. CRASH-8/19/18-FDR Park Philadelphia, PA- Place: 10th Place | Hosted by: Wombat 3. BURN-8/19/18-FDR Park Philadelphia, PA- Place: last place (I lost all my matches) | Hosted by: Wombat 4. Hyper Xeno & Beastmode104's Birthday Bey Bash-10/13/18-Paddock Park, Havertown, PA- Place: 3rd place | Hosted by Ardmore Bladers 5. Happy Burstsgiving- 11/25/18- Freeport Fitness Solutions, Freeport, NY- Place: 5th Place Tie | Hosted by Kjrules17 6. Beyblade Battle Of The Big 4- 4/20/19- Merwood Park, Havertown, PA- Place: 2nd Place | Hosted By NatedogPhilly 7. Beigoma Blues - 5/25/19- FDR Park, Philadelphia, PA- Place: 1st Place | Hosted By Wombat 8. Erase Against Time - 7/14/19- Kings Games, Brooklyn, NY- Place: 5th Place Tie | Hosted by LazerBeamz 9. Pixel Perfect Phoenix - 7/28/19- Pixel Academy, Brooklyn, NY- Place: 2nd Place | Hosted by LazerBeamz 10. Beyblade East part 1 - 8/3/19- Paddock Park, Havertown, PA- Place: 5th Place Tie | Hosted by Hyper xeno 11. Knock Em' Dread! - 8/11/19- Veteran's Park, Ridgefield Park, NJ- Place: 2nd Place | Hosted by LazerBeamz 12. Pixel 3: Union Achilles Heel - 9/22/19- Pixel Academy, Brooklyn, NY- Place: 3rd Place | Hosted by LazerBeamz 13. Lookin' For Beys - 11/10/19- Lookin' For Games, Levittown, PA- Place: 3rd Place | Hosted By MrBlade

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