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Country: United States Registration Date: Oct. 15, 2017 Age: (19 years old) May. 18, 2000

Hi, my name is KJ. I'm 18 years old and I've been collecting Beyblade since middle school. I really like testing Burst stuff and making YouTube videos.

Tournament History

Beytuber Brawl (6/30/18)

  • First Burst Standard Format tournament I participated in
  • Top 16 out of 170 people
  • 4 consecutive wins, then 1 loss in the finals
  • One of 8 people who placed 9th overall
  • Combo/Combos Used: Caynox C3 7 Bearing for the First Stage, then Caynox C3 7 Bearing, Hell Salamander 0Bump Hold (borrowed from Wombat), and Legend Spryzen S3 5Star Xtreme for Deck Format in the Finals

Happy Burstsgiving (11/25/18)

  • First Burst Standard Format tournament I hosted, but I didn’t participate
  • 20 Bladers, ran Swiss Format
  • Had a lot of fun

Jimmy Zeutron 2: Blast from the Past (3/16/19)

  • First Burst Classic Format tournament I participated in
  • 10th place out of 36 people, 9th if you count Sebas2000 leaving as a forfeit
  • 4 wins, 2 losses, but my Buchholz value wasn’t high enough for me to make the Finals
  • Combo/Combos Used: Yegdrion Y2 Gravity Yard-S, Dranzer Flame Knuckle Orbit, Yegdrion Knuckle Yard-S, Spryzen S2 Gravity Zephyr, and Spryzen S2 Gravity Iron for the First Stage

Tournament History